May 5, 2010

I'm Going Through Detox

We canceled cable and internet last Thursday. I was/am not happy about it. We
THOUGHT we were moving and, once again, I scheduled for utilities to be shut off
as of xx/xx/xx and then we found out we were STILL not moving. Well I had already
canceled the cancellation once {the first time we didn’t move} and I wasn’t about to call
can cancel the cancellation AGAIN {although I have been tempted to call and have it
turned back on}. So now we are living in the Stone Age.
It is miserable. I have to go to Panera to get on free wifi, hence I haven’t been updating
FB, Twitter, and this blog as much. That is also the reason I haven’t been able to
comment much on others blogs, and I HATE that. I used to pride myself on being a good
commenter and now I’m just blah. So now I try and write a week worth of topics at work
and then go to Panera on Monday nights to schedule them to post throughout the week.
How LAME is that?
I think the part that’s getting to me the most is not the fact that we no longer have cable
and/or internet but that we no longer have the DVR. Man I miss my 10 pm shows
{already}! I just cannot stay awake to watch them so I guess I should just kiss them
good-bye now. Good-bye Private Practice. I’ll miss you Glee. And Biggest Loser, I’ll
see you for just an hour each week
Thank God for my bestie, she let me come over and surf the net Sunday and even
recorded a few of my fave programs to catch up on {that’s right it’s not even been a week
and I’m mooching off others for TV and internet}. Feel pity on me.
It would not be nearly as bad if we were in the house because we’d have PLENTY
to keep us busy. Right now the condo is BARE. We have moved almost all of our
stuff into a storage unit, therefore there’s nothing to clean really {because we all know
cleaning can keep you up for hours}. The carpets can’t be cleaned until we move. I can’t
pack anymore stuff because everything that’s left is stuff we need and/or use on a daily
basis. I guess I could use the time to catch up on some reading. Got any recommendations?


  1. You must see Biggest Loser from last night! They did makeovers and they all look GREAT! I've had Daris picked to win from the first episode. But either way i love the show and the remaining 5 contests all deserve it!

  2. you could get netflix and watch some movies that you've been dying to see for awhile?

  3. You can rent out space on our DVR anytime you want! - don't worry, we're not too far from lame summer shows. I've got sweeps week covered for you in the mean time. I won't even mind if I come home some Saturday afternoon to find you camped out on our porch, laptop in hand :)

    Hang in there! Each day is a day closer to being in your own home. One day at a time. You are a champion, seriously!

  4. We went 2 years without cable. Now that I have it I will never not have it again!

  5. I would love to be able to go without TV because I get so caught up watching re-runs that I have already seen instead of actually doing stuff I need to do. My sis went without cable for several years and she loved it!!

  6. The Sweet Magnolias series by Sherryl Woods is great! I'm sorry you haven't been able to get moved in yet!

  7. Yikes!!! Hang in there, girl!!! :)