May 4, 2010

Tummy Tuesday- Week 26

So this weekend Kendall started “tickling” me. It sounds funny but that’s the best way to
describe what it feels like. I woke up Sunday morning around 4 am and kind of squirmed
in the bed a bit because it felt just like I was being tickled from the inside, maybe she was
wiggling her toes? Either way I loved every minute of it! Plus I hadn’t been feeling her
much this weekend and started to FREAK out a bit, so that was a welcomed feeling and
she’s been wiggling ever since. And this week I’ve noticed her WAY higher. Normally
when she kicks it’s LOW, like below my belly button, and now I can feel her up near my
ribs! She must be getting big!
This week I have my BIG glucose test {cue the horror music}. I’m not that worried
about it. I just want to make sure I eat well the entire day before and hope for the best.
I’m not that worried about the drink, everyone has told me it’s “not that bad”, hope they
aren’t LYING to me! I also think I’m going to look into hospital tours and prenatal
classes this week; I’m REALLY excited to get started on those!
Oh and BTW bought this piece of junk when I first found out we were pregnant.
I was so excited to instantly start using it and listening to our tiny dancer’s heartbeat
whenever we wanted {aka reassure myself there was actually a baby in there}. W-R-O-
N-G. First of all it says it’s not for use until the 3rd trimester! Really? I’m pretty sure
by then I can FEEL her so won’t be as obsessed with trying to hear her heartbeat because
her movements reassure me that everything is ok. Second of all, it picks up SO much
background noise it’s not even funny! I could hear the TV in the BASEMENT while I
was upstairs through the headphones, not good. Everything {BabyCenter, The Bump,
What to Expect, Your Pregnancy Week by Week} I’ve read says that by now you should
be able to hear her heartbeat through a stethoscope and I STILL can’t hear it on this little
machine. FAIL.
We started planning the baby shower this weekend. Cannot WAIT for that! I love the
cheesy baby shower games, d├ęcor, cake and of course PRESENTS! Don’t judge, you
know that’s the best part. The only thing I’m hoping is that we are in the house by then,
please pray!
Have y’all seen the new Kodak commercial?

OMG can we say SOBFEST 2010? I instantly teared up when I watched. I cannot wait
for that EXACT moment. Mr. Husband sitting in a chair and talking to our little bundle
of joy while I watch from the bed in amazement, he’s gonna be such a great daddy.
This weekend was the first time I’ve attended a wedding while being pregnant. Not. Fun.
I mean the wedding was GREAT and beautiful and the food was AMAZING, but not
having a glass of wine…LAME. It was good to see everyone and I don’t think my belly
has EVER gotten as much attention as it did that night. Kendall was quite a hit; even the
guys were going gaga over her!
Sleep has still been good, EXCEPT for the pee factor. I think I literally wake up AT
LEAST every 2 hours, maybe more. The worst is from about 4-4:30 when I only have
less than an hour of sleep left and I have to pee. Seriously? And it’s not like I can just
hold it till then, no way Jose, so I get up and go only to NOT fall back asleep before the
alarm goes off. Awesome. Waking up at 5:10 is bad enough but 4:35 it makes for a very
grumpy morning in the Dew house.
And here we are at 25 weeks and 2 days; can you see my belly button starting to pop?


  1. OMG, i get up 2 times at least each night. awesome, i cant wait to get preggers. haha :P your bump is SO CUTE!

  2. YAY for baby showers!!!!! Boo for no wine, haha!!!!! And loving the bump!!! :)

  3. Good luck on getting into the house! That's awesome that you're feeling the baby now!

  4. look at your belly! so cute.