May 20, 2010

Let's Try This Again

Sorry about the pics not showing up before, I uploaded at my moms and the preview worked...ugh the joys of no internet at home. Anywho...round 2 of Mrs. Dew {the Martha Stewart wanna be}.

So I got my craft on today! Remember this where I posted ideas for the nursery? Well I ordered the two vinyl decals from Etsy but figured I could make the other myself {mind you I do NOT have a creative bone in my body}. So I started my search for supplies. It took me a while but I gathered up everything I needed and with the help of a certain bestie got started on my very first baby DIY project.
Butterfly punch
Punch out a million butterflies

Glue butterflies
Now this is where the project went a little wrong. See I bought these stamps

with the intention of stamping flowers on the background but that didn't go as planned and so the flowers turned into polka dots. I used these two colors and an old makeup brush and painted away.

And here we are all finished! I have touched it up since and the dots are all round and not wonky looking.

So...what do you think {for real this time}?


  1. Sorry Mrs. Dew, I still don't see any cute pictures! Third times a charm? Haha!

  2. Hey Shan, it says the pics link back to your Gmail. We can't see pics linked back to an email address. :(

  3. Uh oh! I still can't see any pictures....