July 6, 2010

Tummy Tuesday- Week 35

Well I have officially reached the infamous 35/35 {well on Saturday but who's counting}. So that means only 5 MORE WEEKS till I am holding a baby in my arms! CANNOT believe it, CANNOT wait!
So...what goes on in week 35 you ask?
Well for starters I have to wear shoes AT ALL TIMES now. Being barefoot and pregnant {hehe} is not an option for this mama {to be}. My feet hurt something fierce and the new wood/tile floors do NOT help my situation. I have flip flops stashed in EVERY room of the house now, just in case pregnant brain forgets how bad the dogs are barking.
Speaking of dogs, the dogs have to know Kendall is on her way, well Chanel anyway. She is CONSTANTLY laying on my belly, if she's not laying on it she's standing on it {so uncomfortable}.
I packed Kendall's hospital bag this week! Her stuff is super easy to pack b/c she won't be using any of it between now and then! I have 2 coming home/newborn pic outfits {one in case she's teeny and one in case she's a chubette}. I started compiling things for my bag, not as easy. I have no idea what I will NEED and what I can do without. HELP!
HOT doesn't even begin to describe being 8 months pregnant in July. I was lucky to have a week of 70 degree days last week but now we are back into the upper 90s and I.AM.MISERABLE. I wanted to go out to BRU today but I just couldn't bring myself to leave the air conditioning. Pathetic. THANK GOD for a/c, if it breaks in the near future I might die. Literally.
We have our final ultrasound this week! Hard to believe this is the last time we'll see Miss KP until she's out in this crazy world with us! I can't wait to see how big she's gotten and I pray that she's head down! My doctor will be preforming this ultrasound {not his crappy tech} so I'm hoping this visit will be more informative and more exciting.
Things I can't wait for are getting up from laying down without help, sitting with my legs crossed, bending over like a lady, painting my own toenails, sleeping on my stomach, having a glass of wine, being cold, and the list could go on forever.
One thing I will say is amazing and that's swimming! I love feeling buoyant and it takes all the weight off my back. I wish I could spend the next 5 weeks in the pool. Maybe I should be a lifeguard? I don't even care that I look like a giant Smurf in my blue tankini, it feels amazing! Pregnant girls, get to the pool! You will feel so much better.
Mr. Husband said something funny this week. We were talking about whether first born babies are normally early or late and I said I think late is more common than early. Then he asked if I thought Kendall would be early and should he start carrying his phone at all times??? Umm...you aren't doing that already!? BOYS! I swear!
Anywho...here's the 35 week belly!


  1. O girl I hear ya.. I have been living in the pool too

  2. Things I found helpful to pack:

    hard candy (for when they starve you in labor...it will taste SO good if you're hungry--trust me!)

    yoga pants (x2)...or something comfy to wear while you're recovering...I wanted OUT of my gown ASAP...and black yoga pants will hide any, well...blood that may or may not be present. Okay, it will be...theres lots of recovering to be done ;)



    shower stuff..! you will be SO happy to shower!

    comfy shoes/slippers...(flip flops for walking to and from bathroom..)

    snacks for your hubby...

  3. Seriously crazy how fast your pregnancy has flown! Can't wait to meet that sweet princess!! :)

  4. So close momma!! You are still looking fantastic!!!

  5. You are so close!! You will be holding her before you know it!! I was pregnat all summer and I didn't go swimmmg! Wish I did!! I was on bed rest towards the end, otherwise I would of!!! :O)

  6. SO close! Cant wait to see this precious girl!

  7. Almost there! You are looking great!

  8. I cannot believe how close you are getting and I can't wait to 'meet' Miss Kendall! :)

  9. oh em gee! u are so close!! i cant wait :) xxxoo

  10. Girl I've been so wrapped up in my wedding that I've been absent from all my blogs - I can't believe how fast this has all gone - It seems like just yesterday that you were announcing to blog world that you were pregnant (at least to me) and now you're this close to bringing your baby girl home! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see pictures of your beauty soon!

    As for what to pack- I have no idea- I've heard really comfy socks and a body pillow- but I have no clue really- when I have a baby someday I'm going to be THAT GIRL with luggage for a two night stay..sheesh. Good luck choosing what to pack!

  11. you are so adorable prego:) Being a mommy is the most amazing thing in the world!!so excited for you