July 5, 2010

Best Drug Store Body Wash

Been a LONG time since I've posted a good drug store find but this one is a slam dunk! Now that we've moved the well water makes my Philosophy Amazing Grace smell...weird. Either that or the pregnancy hormones have caused me to no longer lust over this stuff. So off to the drug store I waddle.
I literally think I smelled EVERY body wash in the isle. Some were too fruity, others to musky {remember I DESPISE musk }, but Simply Ivory is the most clean, fresh, lovely smell. It even smells good with my well water! It lathers SUPER soapy so a little goes a long way and {best of all} it was less than $2!!! SHUT UP!
With this kind of penny-pinching I think I'm one step closer to becoming a SAHM!


  1. LOVE the new design! Too cute! I've loved following your blog... Can't wait to keep reading!


  2. Yay what a bargain! I have a habit of smelling every body wash in the store too haha