July 13, 2010

Tummy Tuesday- Week 36

OK I can’t believe we have LESS THAN A MONTH people! OMG! I can officially
say that time is NOT flying by at this point. I feel like she’s NEVER coming out and
I’m NEVER getting my body back. I am so ready to meet this little girl and snuggle her
and kiss her and love her to pieces. Mr. Husband is ready too, I think. He keeps talking
about how he can’t wait to sing to her and read to her and it just melts my heart, she
already has him wrapped around her tiny little finger.
This week has made me realize that I can no longer do the things I used to do/want to do.
I HATE asking for help and pride myself on being able to do whatever without asking for
help from Mr. Husband. I wish I had enough energy to do all the stuff I used to do and
want to do but the truth of the matter is I’M TIRED. I mean the littlest things take the
most out of me and even though I go to bed early {9-ish} I could go to bed even earlier
I hate that Mr. Husband has to help me get off the couch. I hate that I can’t just carry
the vacuum up and down the stairs and clean at my leisure. I hate that I can’t carry the
laundry baskets from the laundry room to the bedrooms. I hate that I get out of breath
walking into work. I hate that when I eat I feel like I’m going to explode. I hate being
grouchy all.the.time. I hate that it’s no longer an option to sleep on the left OR right, I
am ONLY comfortable on the left. Don’t shoot me for saying this but I kinda wish my
doctor would write me off work for the rest of the pregnancy.
Mr. Husband has been precious, he's singing lullabies to her now! Last night she was all balled up on my right side and it HURT something fierce and he started singing to her and she must have relaxed or moved because my belly wasn't as hard and I was WAY more comfortable! YAY! I do think once I go back to work I'm going to really miss feeling her and taking her with me everywhere. Other than that I am READY to get.her.out.
I’m pretty sure I keep reading that the babies slow down their movements right about
now due to their cramped living quarters; Kendall is proving this to be WRONG. She’s
such a mover these days and I do love it for the most part. She’s great because she
doesn’t keep me up at night and I haven’t felt her in my ribs yet {yay} but there are times
during the day that I literally will either put classical music on for her {or Jack Johnson,
she seems to LOVE his music} and rock back and forth in my chair to get her to chill out.
It usually works which gives me hope for when she’s actually here in the real world.
I’ve officially started packing for the hospital, thanks for all your suggestions on what
to bring last week. Old Navy had a stock up sale last week so I took full advantage and
got some gauchos {huge recommendation by almost everyone} and some simple solid v-
necks and a maxi dress {it was only $13 can you blame me!?}. Everything I got is jersey
material so I think I’ll be comfy, or as comfy as I can be. I also invested in some granny
panties, I’m bringing sexy back. I actually got some decent looking ones at Target for
$15 for 5 pair, score! I think tonight we are going to get her car seat installed in my car,
just in case. I’m actually getting excited to ride around with that back there, just means
we’re THAT much closer!
We had our FINAL ultrasound last Thursday. I can’t believe that was the last time we’ll
see her until she’s born! CRAZY! She’s 5.5 lbs now and she’s in the 35th percentile so
my doctor estimates she’ll be around 7.5 lbs. PERFECT! I was 7.7 lbs and Mr. Husband
was 7.6 lbs so I figured/hoped she’d be close to us.
Umm…so I got a mom hair cut this weekend. Yep I did. I was tired of the old ponytail
trick and it was time for something new/different so I went for the Katie Holmes.
I don’t LOVE it just yet but I think in like 2 weeks I’ll be ok with it. Mr. Husband says
he likes it, he BETTER not be lying ;-) It’s SUPER short.

That’s about it for us, just waiting around for a baby. Swing is up in the living room;
pack n play is ready to go in our room, all we need is KP to make her arrival! Here we
are at 36 weeks.

and here's an update to my collage...whoa baby!
{click to make bigger}


  1. I like your haircut! It looks great on you!

  2. I think it looks like you've dropped some! Your belly looks lower, especially from the front. I dropped at 36 weeks too. It just kept getting lower...and lower.......and lower. haha. Until it feels like she's gonna DROP OUT.

  3. I think your hair looks GREAT! I really like it.

  4. oh my gosh, one more month, that's crazy! I love love the new haircut!!!

  5. i love your haircut! so cute!!!

  6. I love your new haircut! Hot mama!

  7. Loove the hair!! I hope this last month flies by for you!

  8. Love the haircut! It looks super cute on you.

    Bit of advice - get "I can't wait" out of your vocabulary. Everything is going to start to happen so fast, you don't want to find yourself looking back and realizing that instead of savoring these moments you missed them because you spent the whole time looking for the next one. I know it sounds cliche to say it goes so fast, but holy heck, it DOES!!!

  9. You are looking fantastic and ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair!!!! Looks awesome!!! Girl, you’re in the home stretch, hang in there!!! Can’t wait to see that sweet girl! :)

  10. i cant believe you only have 1 month left! i loveeee your hair!!

  11. Love the haircut! It looks great!

  12. ohmygosh, i LOVE the new haircut! it looks AWESOME!! i really need to get myself to the salon before baby boy arrives.. and now that we're looking at possibly C dates- it's even closer!! Eeeeeee!!!!

  13. your hair looks fabulous girl

    ps your sweet girls room is soooo cute!

  14. Love the new 'do! Looks great! : )

  15. O my goodness I love love love your hair cut it looks super good on you and I don't think I would call it a mom haircut more like a HOTmom cut!!!!!!!!!

    I feel you with being impatient.. I'm about 2.5 weeks behind you.

  16. aww! Your hair was so much like mine!