July 18, 2010

Love Her Style

Carrie Underwood.
In honor of her recent marriage to her hottie I wanted to post some of my favorite looks of Mrs. Fisher. I love her style because it's easy. She tends to wear things that are VERY wearable and stylish. She's gone from a teenage American Idol to a full blown fashion icon. LOVE her.

Love her in golds. She just shines.
The neckline, the color, the hair, perfection.
no idea where this is from, just seeing it for the first time myself. I love how FUN it is!
I WISH I would have snagged one of these when they were still available, Carrie in Express.
Pretty sure this look got mixed reviews but I LOVED it. It was fresh, fun, young and I love flowing dresses!
cute and casual. Love that this is simple but has the unexpected leopard thrown in.
California girls their unforgettable. Well I know she's not a "California girl" but she sure looks like one here, love it!
all.time.fav. Seriously so easy but not just plain ole jeans and t-shirt.
no words. LOVE.
this is something I would wear. Her hair is my dream hair.
Again, this is something I would wear.
honeymooners! I want this outfit in my closet like yesterday.


  1. I'd like to have her legs! Would love to know what she does to stay in shape!

  2. I saw her in her honeymoon clothes and first thought, dang! I want her legs! And second-she has such cute style. So yeah, I agree with you. :)

  3. I love her and would love to have a voice like hers!

  4. She's so perfect!! Great post!!! I really would kill for her hair :)

  5. I love her and I loooooove her hair. Instead, I have baby fine crappy hair. Bummer!!!!!

  6. Great pictures - she may be my new celeb obsession!! She looks so healthy in all her pictures and I want her hair too!

  7. I love Carrie Underwood-Fisher, but I never noticed how much I love her style! She reminds me a lot of Reese Witherspoon, whose style I adore and try to emulate. You are so right about her easy, fun fashion.

    And speaking of style, like the new lay-out! So cute.

  8. That girl NEVER has a bad fashion day, makes me sick. HAHA!!!! :)

  9. she is gorgeous and i want her closet too!

  10. Oh my gosh! I have that last top she's wearing. The gray and white one! It's so comfy!

  11. Love her!! Great outfits...