July 20, 2010

Tummy Tuesday- Week 37

Well Kendall is officially FULL TERM! YAY! So if she were born now she would be
fully developed, lungs and all! What does that mean? Mama is pulling out all the stops!
Red raspberry tea? Sure thing! Evening Primrose Oil? Check. S-E-X? eh…we’ll see.
All I know the sooner she comes the better! I am so excited and anxious to meet this
little girl and I think her daddy is too.
We had a very exciting weekend, my BFF KG got married! I was a hot sweaty mess of
a bridesmaid but there is nowhere else I’d rather be. Kendall was a trooper all day and
come reception time we partied like it was 1999. Everyone kept saying “you better be
careful on that dance floor, you’re liable to have that baby!” My response? “GOOD!!!”
But nothing happened except VERY sore feet and an achy back. Totally worth it though! Here's a few pics from the day.

{can't even tell I'm pregnant in that one, can you!?}
Something funny has started happening recently and I can’t believe I haven’t written
about it till now. People {coworkers, family members, and friends} seem to all think
that Kendall will come when THEY want her to but yell at me when I say I’M trying
to work her out. See this week must be the vacation week of the century. KG is on
her honeymoon, BFF KB is going out of town, cousin will be in DC and coworker
will be going somewhere {she’s very mysterious} and ALL of them have informed
me that I am NOT to go into labor while they are gone. Really? Well, as my Dr. said
to me when I said I wanted her out, “I’m sure Mother Nature’s listening”. I am not
preventing her from coming out in any way, shape or form so if she comes while you
all are gone, TUFF! You can come to the house and visit and I’ll text you a picture
from the hospital with her height, weight, time of birth, etc. That will have to be ok.
A lot of people have also been telling me that I need to stop saying “I can’t wait”. Well
to them, bite me {I still love you}. All jokes aside, I am so uncomfortable. My back
now represents a U, used to be a C but has become more concave as of late. My feet feel
like they are going to fall off the minute I stand. Sleep, right today I woke up at 3:45 and
couldn’t go back to sleep, tell me how awesome that is. I have gas, flabby arms, stretch
marks on my knee {how does that happen} and I’m just ready to have an outside baby.
Once she gets here time can literally stand still. I don’t, for one second, think that I’m
ever going to wish for her to be back inside, EVER. Even when she’s screaming in the
middle of the night, at least I’m up for a reason and not just because I can’t roll over.
And, the icing on the cake, its a million degrees here. Yep a million {just checked the
thermostat}. I don’t think OH has ever seen a summer as hot as this one and being 34
{blushes} pounds overweight DOES NOT make that humidity anymore enjoyable. So
yes, I CAN’T WAIT to have her.
A couple good things. Since Kendall is now taking up the majority of my midsection I
have been getting full a lot quicker, which means {hopefully} I’ll stop gaining so much
weight. And I had my first pelvic this week and I can report that it was not bad. I think
all Dr’s are different, some more gentle than others, but mine was in and out so fast
I didn’t even realize what was happening. Thanks to a great Dr! I was not dilated or
thinning as of Thursday but I go back tomorrow to see if my “tricks” are working, fingers
I can still feel Kendall moving pretty frequently. Her movements don’t feel so much
like kicks and punches anymore though; most of the time it feels like she’s rolling over
and sometimes like she’s trying to stretch, what an amazing feeling. Being a woman
has it’s shortcomings but pregnancy is definitely not one of them. I mean sure it’s
uncomfortable but the whole idea of growing a human life is nothing short of a miracle.
I keep telling Mr. Husband that I wish he could experience it for himself, for just a day.
He says he’s ok with me doing it but I honestly would LOVE to know how he’d react.
Speaking of Mr. Husband, he got a tattoo “for us” this weekend too. It’s Gaelic but
translates to “my girls are my life” *swoon*. How precious is he? He’s absolutely
in love with it and it’s so adorable. He got me thinking I’m going to get one when
Kendall is born too. I’m thinking I’ll get her birth month flower tattooed on my
wrist in white. I just LOVE white tattoos; they’re there without being in your face.
My nesting has kicked in but sadly I’m too huge to do anything about it. I try vacuuming
but I just get out of breath and Mr. Husband doesn’t want me lugging the vacuum
around. I do laundry but leaning over the washer and then pulling clothes out of the
dryer really do a number on my back. I love to cook but standing in the kitchen for
more than a Diet Coke run is too hard on my feet. Guess this is the time I should just
put my feet up and let Mr. Husband take over, right? Ha, if only I were that laid back.
It’s funny to think that ANY week now could be my last TT post. It’s so surreal and
amazing. Here we are at 37 weeks…3 to go!


  1. You look so pretty! I had Madison at 37 weeks. They had to induce me because if low fluid. I can't imagine being pregnant for 39, some people even 41 weeks. I was so uncomfortable! Definatly ready!!! I feel your pain! Hopefully she will come soon for you!

  2. Ahhh, so exciting. Come out KP!!! HA! Love the bridesmaid pics!!!! :)

  3. Too funny about the comment about the pelvic exam not hurting. Mine (with either my first pregnancy or this one) did not hurt until I started dilating. That's how I always knew before the Dr "officially" told me that nothing was happening down there!

    It might not be the same for you, but once you start effacing and dilating those exams get MUCH more uncomfortable...hope it's NOT that way for you though and you just have a GREAT Dr!

  4. OMG, you looked so beautiful at the wedding! That dress is absolutely gorgeous on you.

    I still can't believe three bloggers I read are due any minute now: you, K.Law and Mrs. EyeCanSee! So crazy, but so exciting! I can't wait to hear about the arrival of all your little ones. :-)

  5. Yay!! I can't believe you're due so soon...seems like you were just sharing the good news!

    Great wedding pictures, so cute in those blue dresses!

  6. Just found your blog! love it. I just had a little girl a few months ago and its wonderful! I used EPO and was dilated to a 3 at 39 weeks and was induced and dilated to a 10 in a matter of a few hours and I really think it was from the primrose!

  7. OMG you're the cutest bridemaid! Seriously, you look incredible in those pics. Good for your for dancing it up too!