August 13, 2010

Fall Wish List

Not only am I excited for the cooler temps but to get back into NON maternity clothes! I went "shopping" with my bestie last week and got REALLY excited to go into "normal" people clothes stores. Today is about a million plus degrees outside so I thought I'd bring it down a couple notches by fall "shopping". Here are some things that caught my eye...

Possible first date night out post baby outfit

this would hide the tummy and be cute for snuggling at home with KP

LOVE everything about this look, LOVE
I am now completely obsessed with this jacket/cardigan. I need it.

I've never owned a leather jacket but I'm thinking it's high time...this one is ADORABLE and I completely LOVE that color.

another item totally not like me but I'm thinking this would be cute in the fall and then adorable in the winter with boots?!

LOVE for a casual date night or night out {baby free} with the girls

I can see this going from work to play, LOVE

Am I too old for this because I totally die for it!

and this

Who doesn't love a lil casual JCrew ensemble?

no words.

love it. want it. need it.

technically not fall but kinda, right? oh well. I die.

What's on your fall wish list? As you can see most of mine revolve around concealing the tummy but it's been 9 LONG MONTHS since I've ventured into a "normal" store, so what's cool? What's hip? What's now?


  1. whered you find all that stuff? it's all sooo cute!!

  2. I love everything. It makes me wanna go out and go shopping.

  3. Love EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! :) So cute!

  4. ok now that you found all that cute stuff you gotta tell us where you got it. with KP you are gonna be one hot mama!! :)

  5. I have no fashion advice as my wardrobe lately has consisted of pjs and nursing bras. I was however hoping after my few day blog hiatus I was going to see Miss Kendall had arrived. Hang in least you have an end in site now, that's all that got me through those last few grueling days!

  6. great picks! so cute! I'm preggy too so I'm thinking some cute new boots (it's been forever since I've gotten a new pair) and accessories for the fall! :) I love scarves too, and being preggy or soon to be post preggy, we can wear those anytime! ;)

  7. WHERE is that striped sweatshirt'ish top from?!?! OMG I NEED IT!

  8. Adorable stuff! I love that striped cardigan/sweater thing too...where is that from?

  9. i wish youd have posted the links to those outfits, they're great!

  10. Ok, I love it all, but especially that first dress and that striped cardi...are you kiddinf? So cute!