August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for:
  • Miss KP. I had a doctor appointment today and Kendall has until Monday to make her grand entrance into this wonderful world or she will be forced out starting at 7 am. CANNOT WAIT to meet her, and still praying she'll come on her own.
  • "Away Messages". Earlier this week I HAD ENOUGH and turned off my phone and changed my voice mail to something along the lines of "Hi, you've reached Shannon. If you are checking to see if Kendall has arrived, she has not. We will notify you {A-Listers} when we are on our way and/or she is born. Until further notice consider her NOT here". Mr. Husband said it was "way harsh", I say it was "way necessary".
  • Fans. Sure we have air conditioning BUT in my pregnant days air conditioning is NOT enough. Mr. Husband came home to find me laying on the bed, in my underwear, spread eagle, under the ceiling fan. I felt fabulous.
  • Butterflies. We have TONS of butterflies out in the country and I LOVE seeing them. Sometimes they even play together, how cute?
  • Chipotle. I honestly could eat it EVERY day, had it twice this week already. I figure I better get it in while I can b/c when KP is born it's HARDCORE diet for this mama.
  • Swiffer Wet. The hardwood floors are IMPOSSIBLE to keep clean but the Swiffer Wet has made it MUCH easier to manage. The only thing better {that I can think of} would be shaving the dogs...
What are you thankful for?


  1. How awesome! I love your away message. Go for it-- if not now, when?

  2. Im thankful for finding your blog, you have made me laugh so hard this evening I have tears running down my face. It's your voicemail message that did it, lol, I wish I would've thought to do that whilst awaiting the arrival of my children. Oh and the spread eagled bit on the bed! Classic, pregnancy through the summer months is hardcore, mine we born in october and novemeber so I had two summers of being pregnant!
    I am also thankful for two happy healthy children and one happy healythy husband, our business and great friends, and blogger lol
    P.S - Hope she comes before Monday for you x

  3. I love your away message..hehe! :)

  4. Yay! Thats exciting Shannon! Be careful with the swiffer, I remember reading years ago, it wasn't safe to use around animals, maybe they changed the formula tho!

  5. I have yet to be pregnant, but I LOVE your away message. I am sure your family and friends are calling like crazy (I totally would be), it was totally called for!

  6. Um...I love that you made a voicemail like that! How exciting that you only have a few more days!