August 10, 2010

Tummy Tuesday- Week 40

I was REALLY hoping to not write this post but "YAY- 40 weeks!" {read sarcasm}
I have officially been off work for a week now. To be honest I really feel like a slacker being home and NOT HAVING A BABY! I mean I could work but it would really be miserable. The whole getting up, getting ready, and getting to work was really exhausting. Call me a spoiled brat but it was literally sucking the life out of me. BUT now I'm bored.
Oh and on the subject of being bored- to those looking to give advice do NOT, I repeat DO NOT, say "rest" "get some sleep" "take a nap" to me. Here's the thing, I don't nap. I'm not a napper, I usually feel worse when I wake up from a nap, AND it's not like I can stock up on sleep. Honestly people, do you think if I nap now I'll be all rested or be able to trade those nap hours in when KP is here? Because I can't. My aunt said it best "if you get used to not sleeping now you'll be better off". Thanks NaNa Cakes <3>
I keep looking for signs that KP is on her way. I realized last week that we had not put her mattress pad on her bed, I thought "OMG I bet she's waiting for that!!!". So I did that AND changed her baby. Then I thought it was because her lovie that I ordered from Etsy hadn't arrived yet, "maybe she's waiting till that's here". Well it arrived on Saturday, still no baby. Then Mr. Husband thought it was because he needed new tennis shoes to wear while walking the halls of the hospital, so we got him new shoes Sunday. Still no baby, BUT if he's going to use that as an excuse to get new shoes I think a new wardrobe is in order for the Mrs. Then, yesterday, I thought "maybe she wants to have a cool birth date {8/9/10} but no dice. So I GIVE UP! My new tactic is to DO NOTHING. I have tried the tea, sex, walking, squats, evening primrose oil, spicy foods, pedicure, talking to her, we've tried IT ALL so now I'm going to try the opposite and see how that goes.
I will say that I think we are progressing. Saturday night I started having contractions, YAY! They were between 3-6 minutes apart and I LITERALLY almost called my doctor. Well that lasted for about 2 hours and then STOPPED. Awesome. Again Monday night they started at the same time but were even less consistent and didn't last nearly as long, WTF? Guess Miss KP is just snug as a bug in there.
My belly has become EXTREMELY itchy this past week. I even developed a few new stretch marks, YAY {again with the sarcasm}. I mean these are INTENSE, red, raised, and HURT. Even my doctor looked at them last week and said, "OUCH, that itches", no shit Sherlock. I officially feel repulsive. The only thing comfortable to wear is anything stretchy, yoga pants, tank tops, sports bras and flip flops- Mr. Husband is a lucky man these days.
I feel like she's got to be coming soon because my crotch feels like it's about to burst open she's definitely dropped AND I feel my old self coming back. I may sound pretty bitter in these TT posts, and I am, but it's just my whit coming back to me. I have had THE LAMEST comebacks to Mr. Husband's jabs the past 8 months and here lately I've been serving it right back to him. I love it, it feels great! We have always had tons of fun together and always joke with each other, but this pregnancy has sucked all of my fun out of me but now IT'S BACK and I feel great. I can't wait till KP is an outside baby and I can be 100% me again.
HOPEFULLY this is my last TT post, but I say that every week. Here we are 40 weeks {3 days overdue but who's counting?}


  1. Ice cream fixes everything.... DQ vanilla ice cream with sprinkles! Maybe tempting her with more goodies will help. =)

  2. Oh, WOW. I seriously didn’t think I’d see a 40 week belly pic…. It’s crazy that they just haven’t gone ahead and induced you!!!

  3. Wow, wow, wow.... I really feel for you right now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saying a little prayer that you have a speedy, healthy delivery. Until then, I hope you can find whatever makes you most comfortable.

  4. maybe coughing? lol everytime i cough i think i'm going into preterm labor!
    i hope she comes soon. i know you're ready! and we all are too. we cant wait to see the beautiful miss KP (=

  5. You don't sound bitter -- you're just 40 weeks preggo! :)

    KP will be here in no time! Excited for you!

  6. Oh, saying a prayer for you and keeping fingers crossed! She'll be here! :)

  7. by the time my baby came if ONE MORE PERSON had told me to "get some sleep, I'll wish I had when the baby comes" I was going to literally SMACK the you know what out of them!!!!!!!!!! All I can say is just sit back and let the hubs wait on you hand and foot! MILK IT FOR ALL IT'S WORTH!!