August 9, 2010

Cutest Famous Kids

Back when I was wedding planning I posted my favorite famous engagement rings and my favorite famous weddings so...what makes more sense than to post my favorite famous babies!? Besides it seems like I have plenty of time to kill, yep still no baby.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
Sure she's a little tomboy now but HOW CUTE was she as an infant? That blonde hair, those GORGEOUS blue eyes and those famous Jolie lips. Presh!

Kingston Rossdale
If we ever had a boy Kingston would be his fashion role model. Aviators? Check! How much cuter does it get? But with a fashionista mama did we expect any different?

Ava Witherspoon
aka Reese's mini-me. How stylish is this little lady?

Harlow Winter Kate Madden
I cannot get enough of this little girl. Her curls and fashionable little outfits are too cute for words. When I first heard name I was like ?? but now I <3>

Nahla Ariela Aubry
I mean with a supermodel papa and Halle Berry for a mama did we expect anything besides PERFECTION? Look at those eyes!

Honor Marie Warren
I mean could this picture BE any cuter? J. Alba may be lacking in the cuteness department these days but her little girl is totally precious!

Charlotte Prinze
Sarah Michelle Gellar may be off the radar these days but not only was she one of the CUTEST pregnant ladies but her little girl is just so pretty. I think she looks like her papa.

Mason Dash Disick
Is it just me or does this little man look like he is Rob's son? I mean spitting image of his uncle. What a cutie pie, too bad his daddy is an ultimate douche bag.

Sean Preston and Jayden James
I'm lumping these two cuties together because they may as well be twins. Sure their mama is a little off her rocker and their daddy has been indulging in a few too many late night snacks, but somehow these boys got the best of their genes.

Dolly and Charlie O'Connell
Real twins Charlie and Dolly could not be any cuter. I mean look at the face on the red head {sorry I don't know who is who}. Mr. Husband is hoping for that hair color on Miss KP. These two are probably #1 Cutest Celeb Babies in my book.


  1. these kids are presh.. .and i'm sure that KP will be adorable as well! i can't wait for the post about - SHE'S HERE!

  2. It is seriously pitiful what they’ve done to Shiloh!!!!! You forgot about Suri Cruise :)