September 11, 2010

I Really Love My...

When I registered for Miss KP I pretty much RELIED on the online reviews of things {from BRU and other bloggers} to get me started. I registered for EVERYTHING! I had over 250 items on my registry and others I looked up only had like 50, oh well this is my first baby I NEED a swing AND a bouncy seat AND a boppy AND a jumper AND an exersaucer. Well now that KP is here and I've had a chance to try some items I can now share my recommendations and things that weren't so spectacular.
For starters...
LOVE these binkies

I had originally planned on using the Soothies because they had the best reviews and were "hospital recommended" but I found out they were top heavy and the way the nipple is bigger around the lips and smaller inside the mouth made it hard for KP to keep it in her mouth. The Avent are nice because they come in 0-3 months and then 6-18 months so they can grow with the baby. I like that they are designed to not leave that nasty binky mark on the face. They come in cute colors and KP looks SO CUTE with the all pink one. Oh and they have this super convenient and germaphobe approved case that goes over the nipple when not in use, BRILLIANT!

Another success is the boppy

The one pictured is the one we have and I LOVE that it has the pockets! It's super convenient when we are feeding her and I wrap the boppy around my waist and I can put her burp cloth in the pockets and I can put the bottle in them when it's time to burp! And Mr. Husband may or may not use it as his personal beer/remote/cell phone holder when KP is not around.

My biggest MUST is the swing which KP has slept more consecutive hours in than her bed and the bassinet combined.

I'm sure any other swing would work just the same magic, this just happens to be the one we got. I will say I move this thing ALL OVER the house depending on where I am. It spends lots of time in our bedroom and KP may or may not sleep in it all night sometimes. Hey, whatever works!

Another lifesaver

The Moby Wrap is GENIUS! I know I blogged about this already but I cannot say enough good things about this carrier. It's soft and light-weight and VERY comfortable to wear. Some days KP DOES NOT want to be put down and on those days I strap this bad boy on and can do laundry, put on make-up {rare occasion}, and even make and eat lunch. KP loves it too, see...

My diaper bag ROCKS! We have a different pattern {WAY cuter} but it serves all my going out and about needs. It has LOTS of pockets {which I told was a MUST when diaper bag searching} and clips onto the stroller- which I L.O.V.E.

I wasn't allowed getting a "girly" stroller or car seat because Mr. Husband had to use these things too

This system is AWESOME! KP sits {what looks} very comfortably in the car seat and the stroller "drives" like a dream. I have taken it on a walk and it was nice and smooth over the gravel and up the sidewalk. I also took it shopping and it maneuvered around narrow aisles and clothing racks like a champ!

Some things I don't necessarily love...

This stupid bouncy seat

The reviews of this seat were REALLY good and it was very reasonably priced, what's not to love? I'll tell you one thing, the music! This thing plays the most annoying and unsoothing music I have EVER heard on a baby toy. KP hates it, I hate it, it's a big FAT fail. The reviews all talked about how "cute" the little panda ok I guess. It's just a stupid hard plastic panda with a picture of an actual panda on the reverse side, I'm not sold. I wish I would have returned it and got the one I really wanted.

I thought for SURE I'd love glass bottles

First, let me say, I LOVE my Born Free bottles. They do what they say that will and I think they are solely responsible for the fact that I can count on one hand the number of times KP has spit up. BUT I thought FOR SURE I'd love the glass version and was SO EXCITED when I saw that someone bought them from the registry and was even more excited when I realized we had more glass than plastic. When reality set in and 2 o'clock feedings came into my life the plastic version is WAY more user friendly. If you are a multi-tasking mom {like myself} the glass ones are hard to prop up with your chin when you are typing your blog post. Also, we have tile counter tops and I am always afraid I am going to break one when I set them down.

Hope this helps anyone starting to register or just looking to buy some baby gear. I will keep reviewing my baby items as I use more of them, try and contain your excitement.


  1. mama dew is pro now!..look at you go!! I don't blame you for putting 250 things on the registry. my godmothers daughter is pregnant and we went to the baby store and I was like omg my uterus hurts haha I want it all. glad you guys are getting in the grove of things. my mom said I loved anything that rocked me a bit or bounced ..must be a baby thing. KP keeps getting cuter and cuter everyday:)
    Ps love the new layout and your new're beautiful<3

  2. I much prefer these kinds of reviews over book reviews...any day! Thanks for this post. :) We have that swing on our registry.

  3. Such a great idea! I learned a lot about the products I thought were a MUST HAVE!

    I would keep in mind every baby likes different things...from bottles to the swings and pacifiers too!

    I will say that swing looks like a good one...I got a graco one for my first and she used in twice and then when I went to try it out for baby #2 the motor had died!!!

    Keep on reviewing, I love this stuff!

  4. Oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that your hubs uses the boppy organizer! I think my hubs would ben jealous haha!

  5. Love the new look to the blog and the new pictures! :)

  6. Thanks for posting this!

  7. I've got a post coming up for things we've loved so far and it's got a LOT of the same stuff! I had the same problem with the soothies pacis, they were so top heavy that he couldn't keep them in his mouth! And the bouncy seat? We've used it about one time and he didn't really like it. We have that same swing, LOVE it!

  8. oh, and I love the new blog look!

  9. I have a TON of those Avent pacifiers that Abbey never used if you ever want more. We tried giving her one in the beginning and she just wouldn't take it. So, of course, we now have about 10 of them that we got at my baby shower that we'll never use LOL

    I second the recommendation of the Moby. We don't use ours much anymore mostly because Abbey prefers being mobile now, but it was a lifesaver in the beginning.

    Oh, and I LOVE the picture of KP sleeping in her swing. She is just precious.

    P.S. I tagged you for a survey on my blog :) This will take you directly to the post -

  10. Have to agree, the boppy and swing are life savers! C just loves his Soothie pacis and bouncer -- we got the Hoppy Frogs one.

    Your little girl is just adorable though. I've seen you post comments on my blog before and I'm sorry I haven't responded sooner. You know how life can be with baby :) Glad to start getting to "know" you!

    Happy to

  11. I also love those pacifiers! Well, L does anyways. He is getting way way way too old for them and I try to tell him that pacifiers are for babies, not big boys. And then he tells me "suckies for babies. and lucas." Nice.

    And I agree on the glass bottles. I never actually bought any, but after I dropped a few plastic ones, I realized it was a good thing I never got any glass ones!

  12. Wow! It looks like you got some great stuff!

  13. This is an amazing post! I have been DREADING thank you so much :)

  14. Thanks for the post!! I actually just picked up a Moby wrap after you post about it! Thanks again for the great posts :)