September 29, 2010

So What Wednesday

So what if I...
  • Have a flabby tummy.  I did just have a baby 6 weeks ago, I'd say that's a DAMN good excuse.
  • Eat chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes for breakfast.  This is probably why it will take a little longer to lose said flabby tummy.  Oh well it's TOTALLY worth it.
  • My baby dresses better than me.  I live in workout clothes and maternity jeans, she wears Juicy Couture and Ralph Lauren, no big deal.
  • Am a little excited to go back to work. It's not really the going back to work part as much as the mama needs to get her hair did money part. 
  • Have barely drank a lick of water since KP was born.  Coke Zero is my water.
  • Feel a little bit sorry for the dogs.  I try to give them as much loving as they were used to but sometimes I feel like they get neglected.  They were our first babies after all.
  • I make whole cup of coffee and drink half.  Mr. Husband always laughs that 1. I put so much cream in my coffee it no longer resembles coffee, more like milk and 2. I NEVER finish a whole cup.  I could get a small, medium or large and drink the same amount no matter what. I just drink it so slow that it's gets cold and I can NOT drink cold coffee.
What are you saying so what to?


  1. Love it! I'm the same way with coffee! Gotta have LOTS of creamer & sugar.

    Girl I love your attitude about your figure. You JUST had a baby and you're looking damn good for only having KP 6 weeks ago! It took you 9 months to grow that belly it isn't going to go away over night!

    I'm loving the so what Wednesday posts! Have you thought about adding a McLinky and hosting a blog hop?! I bet a lot of people would chime in!

  2. I feel like I could have written this list myself! Touche!

  3. haha I love all of these. My children 100% dress better than I do on most days! Lets be honest if I shower before noon (while they are dressed and ready to go from 7 on) I am lucky@

  4. can I add a so what I had a baby 10 days ago and consider it a 5 star luxury salon experience to wash my hair...and don't ask the last time I put some makeup on..maybe tomorrow...

    and cold coffee...UGH!

  5. I have lots of so whats lately! So what if I like to read blogs from 4:30pm til quitting time.. haha.. ;)

    And um.. I think you look AWESOME for having a baby SIX weeks ago! I watched Kortney and Khloe take Miami when Kort was picked up by an ambulance by passing out for not eating and trying to lose her baby weight. Um.. wow. Crazypants.

  6. I only ever drink half of my coffee too! So funny!

  7. Again, I think you look GREAT for just having a baby only 6 weeks ago!! OMG. My "so what" for today was drinking a GIANT strawberry malt ... much needed for a 24+ hour car ride in the car with my kiddos across the country! :) Glad we got to see you and your family.

  8. haha i am the same way with coffee...
    looove this post!!

  9. I'm the same way with coffee! I just can't finish it!

  10. So what that fall weather has finally arrived and I no longer have excuses to not go on walks but have yet to go on a walk!
    So what that I wear the same thing ever 3 days.
    So what that I can't remember if I had a shower today or not.
    So what if I consumed 1000 calories of Chickfila sauce with dinner!

    And I could go on and on...

    Love this post!!!!!

  11. Oh I love this! Good for you for having such a good attitude; I hate seeing my friends go all crazy with diet and exercise after a kid; cut yourself some slack ya know! I think you look great!

  12. Wow, she is soooooo adorable.