October 19, 2010

Kendall's Friends

When we found out we were pregnant we were so excited and then we realized, "CRAP our baby won't have any friends!!"  Thanks to our friends for getting busy at the same time as us, Kendall has lots of baby friends.
Meet Lily
{Yes I realize my child's head is massive}
Lily is my friend/hair girl's baby and she's so sweet.  I thought Kendall was still a little peanut until we met Lily.  In Kendall's defense, Lily was just a 6 pounder.  I can't wait for these girls to grow and play together.  Lily will be wearing Kendall's outfit here in a few months, she graciously accepts all Kendall's hand-me-downs.

And this is her newest "friend"
Her new baby cousin Rowan.  When we found out we were pregnant we were PRAYING Rowan's parents would get pregnant soon.  Mr. Husband and his cousin are close and we hang out with them a lot so it's PERFECT that their baby, Rowan, and Kendall are just 2 months apart.  The cutest part was when they were laying side by side Rowan was rolling his hips toward her and Kendall was reaching her arm out to him, I DIE.

Now if we could just get this lil girl to come down for a visit we'd be all set
This is my cousin's baby, Chloe, and she and Kendall are just 4 DAYS apart!  They have TONS of matching outfits and the just HAVE to meet soon so we can take some "twinsie" pics.  I haven't seen my cousin in over 10 years, I think it's time for a family reunion! 

Talk about Baby Boom 2010!


  1. Awww - cute little babies, all of them!

  2. Adorbs! I wish my S had live and in person friends ;(

  3. i am so jealous. C has zero baby friends. WHY arent our friends getting jiggy with it? oh wait.. most of our friends arent even married yet. le sigh. can we come down and be friends with KP? :)

  4. Holly had a baby? At least that's assuming she's still your hair lady.

    Jamie has 2 little girlfriends...but one lives in Ohio and the other in Nebraska...so he's all by his lonesome. I don't think he minds the extra attention though. :)

    How did you survive your first week back at work??

  5. How cute! She has so many little friends to play with!

  6. Oh she has lots of little baby friends. I love that name Rowan too

  7. Baby friends are so cute!! Just in case you were wondering we will NOT be making any friends for KP. Sorry! ;)

  8. so so cute!!!!!