October 22, 2010


Let’ s face it, my body ain’ t what it used to be and my clothes don’ t fit like they once
did…yet. I have not given up hope but I have given into the $16 sweater sale at Old
Navy. As much as I didn’ t want to buy clothes to fit my new curves, in hopes that they
won’ t stick around for too long, I HAD { this is what I tell Mr. Husband} to get a few
pieces to help me look worthy of public viewing aka work.

Gone are the days of form-fitting tees and Seven jeans. My wardrobe now consists of
maternity pants { still} , leggings, drapey sweaters and flowing shirts to help conceal the
inner tube I’ m sporting, even though the lazy days of summer are long gone. Also…have
you heard that pregnancy makes your feet grow?! HOW GROSS! So long patent heels
and sky high wedges. Hello FLATS.

So my new mom{ war} drobe is now pretty uniform…see below…

I no longer care about accessorizing and stick to the same Tiffany Bead earrings EVERY

DAY and sometimes get a little funky and wear the matching bracelet, crazy huh? Hey
I’ m lucky I even remember to put earrings in, most times I forget { I hate naked ears!} .
I carry the same Coach Signature tote with everything. Yes it’ s brown but I carry it
with black, blue, purple, green, I can no longer be bothered with switching out purses to
match the outfit. Actually most of the time I just take my wallet out and carry the diaper

bag, how fashion forward of me. And these black flats are AH-MAZING. They are
comfortable and pretty much go with everything, so I wear them with everything.

BUT next weekend we have a wedding to go to and SEXY MAMA WIFE is coming out!
I just bought this little number…

And I plan on wearing my black small-hole fishnets and these BCBG peep toes…

Yes we got a babysitter.


  1. the mom-drobe is more comfy anyway ;)

  2. don't worry you'll be back to rockin your seven's in no time...have fun at the wedding...love that dress!

  3. I hope you take this the right way: I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I saw you're still wearing maternity jeans. I did for a long time, too, and if I read about one more mom who went home in her pre-preg jeans, I'm gonna barf.

    As for feet: I used to wear a size 7. Since kids, I wear a size 8. (But no flats for me....I just went out and bought bigger heels, lol.)

  4. The feet growing thing is really annoying, it's expensive to replace shoes! I am running several miles a week and still haven't managed to lose this stomach and get back to my pre-pg size...this is not easy!
    For what it's worth I like your new mom-drobe!

  5. Love that dress! And you mom-drobe resembles mine quite a bit.

  6. That dress is HOT and those shoes are fabulous! Sexy mama dew indeed!! :) and I think your attire in that pic is adorable! From what I've seen, you look fabulous all of the time, girl! And I also HATE naked ears! So funny, right? I didnt even have my ears pierced til I was 22! Crazy!

  7. okay is it bad that i would totally sport your mom-drobe and i haven't had a kid?!!?

    LOVE your dress for the wedding!

  8. oh no!! I did not know this...I already wear a size 10 shoe!!

    you are going to look like a sexy mama in that dress!! ;)

  9. Loving the dress! Make sure to post pictures of your night out! I am obsessed with Target for all mom clothes. Although, I am still a jean snob!

    And I didn't know that peoples feet really increased in size after babies?? As if gaining weight wasn't bad enough, now people have to buy all new shoes too?? That is just awful!