October 26, 2010


9 Things I’ ve learned in the past 2 months…
1 . A trip to Target is no longer “ quick” . Getting there is one thing, leaving is a new
story. 9 times out of 10 my child SCREAMS at one point, forcing me to feed her
to shut her up and save myself from being “ that mom” . And, not to mention, I
can no longer leave without buying her a pair of leg warmers, new headbands, or
a cute new outfit. She can’ t even ask for stuff yet and I’ m already giving in. I’ m
2 . As soon as I leave her I miss her. She has stayed the night with her grammy twice
now and the first time we were all, “ WOOHOO” , but the 2nd time we missed
her the moment we pulled out of the driveway. We are so pathetic that instead
of doing something CRAZY, like going to see a movie sans baby, we sat home,
drank pumpkin martinis and talked about how we missed her. LAME!
3 . Whatever it takes, I’ ll buy it. Currently Kendall sleeps in her swing but we’ d
LOVE to transition her to her crib aka death trap. I have heard ALL ABOUT
the “ baby crack machine” and so we RAN out to buy it. I hope I can get her
addicted. At her 2 month appointment my pediatrician recommended moving up
to the level 2 nipples hoping she’ d swallow less air=be less fussy, we went out
and spend $24 on nipples THAT DAY. As you saw, Kendall LOVES to kick.
Since putting her on the glider ottoman and letting her kick my legs to move
herself back and forth isn’ t the safest form of entertainment, I purchased the First
Years Kickin’ Coaster. I’ m hoping this means we’ ll be able to put her down and,
I don’ t know, cook dinner without having her strapped to me in the Moby.
4 . Shopping for me is no longer fun. Sure I like to buy myself pretty things but
nothing is more fun than buying Kendall things. I find myself walking right past
Nordstrom and straight into Gymboree. It’ s like a whole new shopping world
just opened up and I can FINALLY be a part of it. I’ m sure this won’ t last long,
mama needs new shoes!
5 . Priorities shift. I used to be able to eat, bathe, and sleep WHENEVER I wanted.
Now it’ s a constant question of “ ok the baby’ s asleep! Do I shower? Eat? Take a
nap? Or clean?” Before baby the answer to that question would have been EAT,
duh! But now I prefer clean hair and underwear to a meal. Buh-bye baby weight!
6 . It’ s a down-right sin to pay full price for diapers and formula. I am so lucky to
have friends with older children who still get Similac coupons and send them my
way. I swear if I ever have to pay full price for that stuff I am going to need to
take out a second mortgage on the house { still beats boobie-feeding-just saying} .
What I find completely ironic { or very smart for retailers} is that I always get
coupons for Enfamil when I use Similac and for Huggies when I use Pampers.
DUH look up my Kroger Plus history jerks!
7 . Toy companies and battery companies are in cahoots. I mean why else would
my swing { that rocks all.night.long.} require not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 D batteries
instead of having a power cord? No other reason. Looks like I’ m taking out that
second mortgage to afford batteries now. Whatever it takes, right?
8 . Etsy is the devil. I mean I have always LOVED Etsy but when it comes to baby
items it SUCKS me in and makes me do bad bad things. Like buy Kendall a cute
pink and brown monogrammed turkey dress for Thanksgiving. I mean REALLY
does she NEED a “ Thanksgiving dress” ? No, but if you saw it, YES! I mean it’ s
her first Thanksgiving after all!
9 . I will never love anything more than this face. I don’ t know how I will ever
say “ no” to her and she’ s already got her daddy wrapped around her little finger
with and without the “ daddy’ s sweetheart” shirt. She is my world and I don’ t
know what we ever did before she came into our lives.


  1. That picture is just precious!!!!!! :)

  2. What is the baby crack machine?? Do tell! CUUUUUTE, precious picture!

  3. Love the picture of her...such a doll!

  4. How can you not just melt looking at that face? Oh, I die!

  5. she is soooo cute!!! I love those things you have learned, haha xxooo

  6. Adorable picture! You're life sure has changed huh? ( : So happy for your joy!

  7. I love hearing your real attitude about parenthood. And that picture is precious!!

  8. you crack me... i love this post!

  9. She is just so gorgeous I can't even stand it :)

  10. I feel the same way about target.. lately I have been putting her in the bjorn then shopping she usually falls asleep and I can shop longer, but boy is it a weird feeling when she drops a cry bomb and my cart is full and Im in the back of the store ....

    You have left her overnight twice... did you cry? we have not even went out on a date yet.

  11. Cute picture! And I love that you speak so openly and honestly about parenthood! :)