October 7, 2010

Surviving Hunting Season

A girl posted her girl's guide to hunting season and I figured, seeing that my husband is the manliest of all, it was only fitting that I do the same.  It goes a little something like this...
You know you married a hunter when...
  • You FINALLY allow this to happen in your home.  I swore I'd never allow dead animals in my house but if you could see the pride on his face, there's no way I could say no.  My ONLY stipulation is it HAS to go in the man den, end.of.story.

  • You actually don't mind the taste of venison.  HEY it's the leanest meat you will find, how's that for justification?
  • Your husband calls and says, "I skipped the gym today" and when you ask why he responds with "I went and bought doe pee".  True story, you can buy that shit.
  • You go to the "hunting store" and he picks up a camo outfit for the baby and you can KINDA see it being cute.  But when you have the cutest baby on the block she can make anything cute.
  • You spend your Friday evening with a baby strapped to you while sitting in the side yard watching your husband "practice".  Thank God we moved to the country. 
  • You allow your husband to go out on the morning of your anniversary.
  • You go over your social calendar for the month and your husband's FIRST question is "but when am I going to hunt?".
  • You defend hunting and know all the "right" reasons for it when people say "it's mean" and "what about the animals".
  • The first words you speak to your husband on a given hunting weekend morning are, "did you get a kill?"
  • Your husband pulls up the trail camera pictures on his phone and you lay in bed looking through THOUSANDS of images of your next possible wall hanging.
Any other hunting wives out there?  Please share in my {sarcasm}love of the season.


  1. This post is hilarious - Not a wife but certainly a hunting girlfriend! I feel ya, lady! I am not stoked about hanging dead heads on the wall but if it happens I think I will have to restrict it to the man cave too. Also- I kind of enjoy the start of the season because if he needs a new release or something for his bow, then I need a new Kate Spade for the season!

  2. you crack me up!
    i can't wait for jimmy's "kill" so we can all go to roosters! see my priorities? haha

  3. I'm a hunting wife as well. Deer season falls on my birthday weekend this year...and I let him plan a hunting trip. Wife of the year! haha

  4. Okay, I am seriously LOL!! You just described my life!:)

  5. Hilarious! I was only laughing so hard because everything you said was familiar in my own life =) Gotta love 'em!

  6. That's hilarious! We just actually had a conversation at supper tonight regarding what time the Clemson game would be next weekend & whether he'd have time to go hunting beforehand. Gotta love how our lives revolve around what "season" it is!

  7. ive got ya'll beat, i grew up in a hunting house and now im married to a football fanatic. Through hunting season and football season I dont get time with my father or husband lol

    you know you live in a hunting house when you know how to skin something before you hit elementary school.

    Or when you know all your friends info by heart because you have to put in on the permits your trying to get for certain hunt areas ( or atleast we do down here)

  8. I live in an area where everyone goes hunting but I've never been and I've never dated anyone who goes hunting. I've always wanted to try deer meat though!

  9. BF doesn't hunt, but I'm from the country, so most people I grew up with do. I totally get it. :)