November 18, 2010

Being A Mom

Being a mommy means...
  • Not showering till noon because that's when the baby naps.
  • Writing a weeks worth of blog posts on Sunday because there is NEVER time for blogging during the week.
  • Calling your husband "dad", "daddy" and "da da".
  • Stepping into a toy filled tub every time you take a shower.
  • The baby eats 3-4 times before you even get a bite to eat.
  • You shave your legs MAYBE once every 2 weeks.
  • Going to bed at 9 so that you get as much sleep as possible before that middle of the night feeding.
  • Carrying around "brag books" so you can show off your sweet baby to anyone who will look.
  • Never wearing a two-piece bathing suit that shows your belly.  Stretch mark city.
  • Always having D batteries on hand.
  • Having your TV on NickJr at ALL times.
  • Eating dinner at 8 because the baby is now in bed.
  • Calling a ham sandwich, hot dog, or bagel dinner.  No more gourmet meals here.
  • Spending your free Macy's gift card on clothes for the baby, not yourself.
  • And LOVING every minute of it, well...almost.


  1. Adorable... and you're such a wonderful mom! And don't worry about the swim suit - summer is SO far off ;)

  2. WORD. you'll never be the same again! It's worth it too!!!

  3. Wow and the sad thing is I can't wait to get there!! One more week! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. what a cute post! KP is sooo lucky to have you as a mommy!:)

  5. Ha so funny to think about it, I felt like you were writting about my life, esp the nickJR, and the leg shaving part LOL

  6. I sit here at my desk at work saying yes I agree to every singe one!! I have two boys and it never gets old!

  7. YEP. The joys of being a Mommy ... and loving it! It's all worth it. :0)

  8. This is where the "next blog" button brought me.

    Tally Ho!!

  9. So I have all this to look forward to one day? Awesome! I kinda like Nick JR lol