November 3, 2010

So What Wednesday


  • If I already know what Kendall’s 1st birthday party theme is. I LOVE that she has a summer birthday, and that’s all I’m sayin’ {for now}.
  • If I think the flu shot should keep you safe from the common cold too. My mom got the flu shot this  year and now she’s got a sore throat, cough and the sniffles, I said, “but you got the flu shot” her response, “well, right, I don’t have the flu”.  Whatevs.
  • If I’m “that mom” that has her baby as her desktop background and cell phone wallpaper. Have you seen my baby? She’s the cutest!
  • If I don’t want to be friends with every Tom, Dick & Harry on FB. I had a girl from high school friend request me FOUR times. I hate to be mean but, take a hint! Unlike a lot of people, I try to keep my friends list to a minimum.
  • If I haven’t worked out in over 3 weeks. When I first got the green light to resume work outs as usual, I was ALL ABOUT IT, but now I have barely enough time to wash my under britches let alone go for a jog.
  • If Mr. Husband’s birthday is Friday and I STILL haven’t gotten him anything. I’ve got time, don’t you worry your pretty little face. ::sidenote:: I’m throwing an awesome party for him to include, deer chili, cornbread, hot spiced cider, and his favorite blackberry pie!
  • If I am extremely jealous of girls that have had blog meet-ups. Damn it I want to meet some bloggity blog friends already!
  • If I race home to put on sweatpants {preferably men’s}. What can I say 10 weeks maternity leave will do that to a girl. Work has graduated to “jeans Friday”, if only I could sell them on “sweatpants Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday” we’d be doing ALLLLRIGHT!

What did you say SO WHAT to this week?


  1. I LOVE LOVE your honesty! It's so great to hear someone just be honest! :) Kendall is precious! And I love the name because it's my sisters name!

  2. i'm totally with you about FB - i'm not going to accept your friendship on FB only because i knew you in HS... now i will admit that there are people that i stay friends with on the book merely so i can stalk/live vicariously through them!

    and i want to do a 614 bloggy meet up... maybe sometime soon in November before the holidays?

  3. I love So What Wednesdays. =)

    My S0 What today is... so what if I have THREE home projects started.. they will get done before the BF gets home in Dec.

  4. Girl, come to Florida and we’ll meet up!!!!!! :)

  5. That's too cute that you've got her as your wallpaper etc. Blog meet up?!?! I'm in!

  6. As always, love your list! You are too funny and I love your honesty!

  7. How cute is your blog!!? I am (real life) friends with Lindsey @ Lovin' My Life and as I was reading her post this morning, I thought, HEY, I need to join in on one of these "So What" days! :)

    I am always a last minute gift buyer - you'll get him something soon! :) And as far as working out, eh, it's cold outside! That's my excuse! Haha!

  8. I love so what Wed. I'm going to have to join in one of these days! In the meantime.

    So what if I'm hiding out in my office today. I appreciate the condolences, but I'm tired of people looking at me like I'm a freak.

  9. i love that you already have her party theme picked out!! i'm sure the planning is going to be fun!!
    i agree, a bloggy meet up would be so much fun!
    enjoy the rest of your week hun!! :)

  10. hahaha I'm pretty sure I'll have my kid's 1st birthday planned before they're born!

  11. Totally understand the working out thing, it's cold!

    I love your blog, your honesty and Kendall is adorable. I have never commented before because I am trying to get into the whole blogging world but it is slow going in the beginning! Keep up the great, entertaining writing! :)

  12. Girly!! I know you're an Ohio blogger, right? So where at in Ohio? Cause we SO could have a bloggy meet-up ya know! :)

  13. I totally agree about being jealous of blogger meet ups!

    The party for your Hubby sounds great!

  14. Girl! I do the sweatpants things too! I seriously live in them. I feel like jeans constrict everything!

  15. I try to keep my friends list to a minimum. <--i feel you on that!! some ppl i went to h.s. with add me and im like WHO ARE YOU?? deny. lol