December 31, 2010

Holy Engagements!

Your latest edition of celebrity gossip has one common theme ENGAGEMENTS!  HELLO everyone got engaged over this holiday break from the rich and shameless to some of our own friends {but who cares about the common folk}.
Up first Mr. Playboy himself and his gold digger girlfriend Crystal Harris
I'm sure this was a HUGE slap in the face to Holly, she was with his old wrinkly a$$ for how long and he never put a ring on it...You're better off Holly, promise.

Then there's Reese and her ordinary man Jim Toth
I couldn't have been more shocked on this one if I woke up with my head stapled to the carpet.  I don't know why but I just never pictured her to get married again.  NICE ring Reese, he did good girl.

I don't think this ones much of a shocker but still exciting because HELLO ROYALTY.  Kate Middleton & Prince William
Never really cared about here before and when the magazines were stalking them just waiting for a ring to be on that pretty left hand I couldn't have cared less, BUT NOW it's on!  I'm fully obsessed and this will be THE wedding of the year. 

Jessica and her "football player" Eric Johnson.  
Did anyone else think it was ODD that they got engaged DAYS after Nick & Vanessa?  Not to mention her ring is BLEH ugly.

Which brings me to the other half of the Newlywed alum
They're no Nick & Jess but I THINK I like them.

Cheaters LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian
I'm not even giving them the satisfaction of more talk.

And double whammy, Natalie Portman is engaged AND pregnant!  Way to go Nat!
She's not one of my faves, but YAY.

So who's wedding are you most excited about and who makes you want to puke in your mouth a lil?


  1. you are such a girl after my own heart! You should follow up this post with the breakups- those seemed to have come in waves too!

  2. I'm not interested in Leann Rimes. Ever. She sucks. I'm happy though for Vanessa and Nick..I've always liked him. He seems really down to earth.

  3. So weird that the 24 year old wants to marry Hugh....well not that weird, because she's obviously in it for the money!

  4. I need a pic of Jessica's ring STAT.

  5. it was like Christmas came and then the next day everyone and their brother got engaged!! I'm just wondering which came first for Natalie... the engagement or the pregnancy...

  6. Thanks for the commentary and pics! Don't know what they girl marrying Hef thinks she is getting....duhhh pre-nup! I'm still not sure about Nick and Vanessa, obviously Jessica was playing catch-up and WHY did Reese and Jake break up and who is this "new" guy?!

  7. Heff and Leann definitely make me want to puke a little! Kate and Prince William though I'm looking forward to their wedding.

  8. Love the new look of the blog :) so cute!!

  9. I didn't know about Leann Rimes! And I agree with you on everything...except that I DO love Natalie Portman. :)

  10. WHAT? Natalie Portman is preggo?? Ugh, thank goodness the Dew Celeb Update returned. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

  11. I feel so sorry for Holly!! Jess' engagement was super weird..and her ring is ugly. Reese's surprised me too! and its about time for Nick and Vanessa!

  12. Loved this post :-) I'm not even the slightest bit interested in Leanne either *home wrecker* BUT did you see her new umm... boobs?? I saw pictures today :-P I'm still in love with William and Kate! <3