December 29, 2010

So What Wednesday


Today I'm saying SO WHAT if...

  • Santa my dad who called me fat brought me what I asked for {my treadmill} and I hate love him for it.  It’s a love/hate relationship.
  • My IPod is full of music from high school/college.  Today’s music is all synthesizers and Auto-Tune=NOT MUSIC {Brit Brit is the exception to this rule}.
  • I get mad at driver’s who are on their phone, meanwhile, I’m {probably} on mine too.
  • I get disappointed when my favorite bloggers don’t update EVERY day when I am guilty of the same.  My life’s just been kinda boring lately {eat {too much}, sleep {too little}, work {more than I’d like to}, play with Kendall {not as much as I’d like to}, repeat}
  • Mr. Husband and I plan to see Harry Potter for NYE {getting CrAzY, I know}.
  • I eat a can of soup for lunch EVERY day.  It’s FREEZING outside and it makes me feel all warm inside.  PLUS you can’t beat $1.55 for lunch!
  • I dislike reading 2,946,874,616,587 “here’s what I did for Christmas” posts.  I get it; you ate/drank a lot, opened presents, maybe wore an ugly sweater, and watched movies, so did I, moving on.
  • I did not consult my pediatrician before starting KP on cereal/solids.  One of the first things they told us when we met was “don’t over think things” and since that day we haven’t and have just gone with what felt right for us and KP.  So far so good! 
What are you saying SO WHAT to?


  1. Yay for a new treadmill!! Santa is the best!

  2. I feel the EXACT same way about peoples Christmas posts!!! Hence why I haven't and won't do one! And when someone asks about Christmas, I merely say "it was good" all while they're BEGGING me to ask them back ... which I don't 90% of the time!

    God I sound like a bitch!

    BTW, yay on getting a treadmill! That is AWESOME!!! :)

  3. Jealous of your treadmill. I WILL get one at some point in 2011. I am determined.

    And I'm the same way about Christmas posts, but guilty of posting...well...not necessarily the details, but definitely the photos.

  4. Oh, then I guess I won't finish my Christmas recap.


    I completely agree.

  5. I have been following your blog for a long time and I finally decided to join so what always make me laugh...

  6. I got a Wii Fit. I knew any piece of actual equipment would just collect dust. It may not be as effective, but it's gotta be better than nothing right?

    And I second the lame holiday recap posts.....they're almost as worse as a dashboard on monday filled with weekend recaps. Who cares. Not me. Plus I feel like the ONLY one blogging this week, where is everyone!? I need something to do at work!

  7. lol thank you for saying it (xmas posts) so I didn't have to be Bahumbug!

  8. I've been eating soup for lunch lately too! I am hooked on Campbells Chunky Chicken & Dumplings hah

  9. I hate recap posts. Hate them! Even weekend recaps. Really?! I don't even care to know the details of my own weekend let alone yours (theirs). Hear ya on that.

    We also did no consulting on solids. At her 4 month appt he said we could go ahead and try a few things and we had been already for two weeks. Ha! I've never been a big freaker-outer.

  10. I swear, I tried not to post too much about Christmas! Haha! Glad you got what you asked Santa for!

  11. Enjoy your treadmill! Today, when i was on the ol' "Dreadmill", i started thinking... wouldn't it be great if treadmills had touchscreen computers built in? Then we could work, blog, email, etc. while exercising. I think i've come up with an idea that'll make me rich. hahaha :)

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