December 13, 2010

Homemade Baby Food=Success

So I'm not the breast-feeding, cloth diapering, "crunchy" mama,  BUT now that KP is" moving on up" to food my inner Martha Earth Mother came out.  I LOVE to cook and when I found out that baby food is the MOST expensive item {by volume} in the grocery store this frugal mama was hell bent on making her baby food, oh yeah and it's like WAY better for KP too.
So I stumbled across Wholesome Homemade Baby Food and started my research.  I found that for the price of ONE jar {stage one size} I could make 16 servings of food!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  And it takes NO TIME to do it.  So far we have made banana and sweet potato/yam.  Simple as 1,2,3.  For banana all you have to do is throw it in a food processor and puree and the sweet potato/yam gets peeled, cubed, boiled and pureed.  Then you pour into ice cube trays and freeze.  Perfect serving sizes!  EASY PEASY!

KP has had both and LOVED each one.  YAY!  I compared MY banana to the jar banana and homemade is SO MUCH better.  They say they don't add anything to the jars but I'll tell you, their's tasted NOTHING as natural as mine.
Now it's not all bananas and sweet potatoes over here.  I attempted {for 5 days} to make her rice cereal too, only to end up with a big fat FAIL on my hands.  I don't know what I was doing wrong but I followed the recipe to a "T" and it ALWAYS came out clumpy.  Kendall could NOT eat it.  So...I digress...we are using store bought cereal.
I am instantly in love with this stuff!  It mixes MUCH better than the homemade crap version I was attempting and it doesn't taste too bad either {yes I REALLY tasted it}!  KP LOVES it too, check her out!
{yes I said "yum, yum, yum, yum delicioso"- too much Dora in my life}

So happy baby = happy mama!


  1. love the video... just so you know your link to the baby food site doesnt work :-(

  2. so cute! good for you for making KP's food! I think that is so great....why wouldn't anyone want to save money and give their baby something healthy! :)

  3. Am I the only blogger with a 4ish month old who isn't jumping on the solid foods bandwagon? Call me crazy but I'm just not ready to add one more step to our already busy routine. Plus I'm really not ready to deal with the solid food poo...haha, as a "crunchy" mama cloth diaper user, the solid poo scares me. :)

    I have totally checked out that site though and it's wonderful! I will definitly be using it when I stop being lazy and decide to feed Jamie some real food! Do you really just puree straight banana? You don't have to add any liquid? I feel like that would be crazy thick....good to know!

  4. So glad you posted about this! My friend is like super mom and makes all of her own food, uses cloth diapers, and makes a lot of clothes. It makes me sick and I don't even have kids!! I love hearing from others about how easy it is to make your own baby food. There's hope for me some day!! Go girl!

  5. That's awesome that you've been able to make some of her food!!! Such a cute video!

  6. Nice work! I hardly bought baby food too, so expensive. The only thing was it was easier when traveling, since the homemade stuff has to be refrigerated and reheated. Kirsten's favorite was peaches, and it sounds gross, but roast beef. Our pediatrician recommended starting with proteins (after cereal) and no way was I going to feed her that weird looking/smelling jarred stuff! She loved homemade roast beef though.

  7. GOOD for YOU!! :0) Yay! As one of the "crunchy" Mamas who breast feeds and uses cloth diapers, you GO! :0) Proud of you. And, yes that rice cereal is so awesome! Good pick. :0)

  8. i think it's awesome that you're making your own food!!! definitely the way to go!