December 14, 2010

These Are a Few of my Favorite {BABY} Things

A few months back I told you about some of my favorite baby items and now that KP is coming up on her 4 month birthday I thought I’d share a few more that we’ve tried since then…

Carter’s Washcloths

We got several packs of washcloths, SEVERAL, and these are BY FAR the best. You know how things that have that piping around the edges shrink in the middle and not the edge therefore are never the same after one wash? Well these are NOT like that!  They stay the same size/shape after many washings. And they are nice and big. One washcloth covers KP’s entire BIG belly and then some.

And while I’m talking up Carter’s why not their bibs

I love that they aren't GIANORMOUS around the neck, like a lot of other bibs. They are also the perfect size for small babies, as in the bib doesn't cover their ENTIRE body. I like that they fasten on the side too and the Velcro is nice and soft unlike some others that have literally scratched KP and left blood a mark.

Although there is ONE Carter’s item I’m not THRILLED with {can you believe it? Me either!}

I love the LOOK of this highchair, matches our d├ęcor and everything. I love that it has the removable tray insert for easy cleaning and I LOVE that it reclines to make feeding younger babies a little easier. What I {and KP} do NOT love is that the cushion is not very padded and is basically the same as if I sat her on a sheet. It’s nice that it’s vinyl and easy to wipe down but I just wish it were a little thicker.

Another not so fab buy is the BornFree Microwave Sterilizer

I’m not just bashing BornFree here {it’s just the one we happen to own}, this goes for ALL sterilizers, don’t waste your time. I bought this thinking we NEEDED it when in fact I used it once and then stashed it. One thing, it only holds 4 bottles and their parts. Two, the bottles still have to be washed. My suggestion, either soak bottles in SUPER hot water and then wash by hand OR place in the dishwasher {in dishwasher safe baskets} and use the sanitize setting. MUCH easier, cheaper, and one less thing taking up space in your cupboard.

But a BornFree item I have gotten TONS of compliments on is my formula dispenser

Not sure why people seem to be enthralled by this thing but I’m telling you I get all kinds of comments on it. How people have never seen something like it to the shape, size, color. I thought it was just a staple for formula feeding mamas but I have been surprised by the amount of people who have never seen such a contraption. OK money well spent {all $7 of it}.


I know she’s an expensive ass teether BUT she’s worth it. KP LOVES Sophie and I’ve even contemplated buying her one for Grammy’s house. She’s perfect for small hands, super soft {chewable}, and she squeaks! Plus I love the nostalgia behind her so that hadme sold from day 1.

Another toy we love in the Dew house is Links!

Kendall could chew on these ALL DAY LONG. These are one of the only things she is able to pick up on her own and SHOVE into her mouth. It’s pretty cute.

Bumbo seat

I know there’s lots of controversy over the Bumbos and Bebe Pods but we are rebels and LOVE it. We call it her recliner. She just sits up so big in it and watches Dora {ok I just realize what a terrible mother I sound like}. She wasn’t so sure of it when we first put her in it but once she realized she was sitting up “on her own” she liked it a lot. I wish we would have got the tray too because that’s the one thing I hate, when she’s sitting and playing with her toys she drops them A LOT and if she had the tray she’d be able to pick them back up herself.

First time parents dream come true is the Angelcare Baby Movement & Sound Monitor

This monitor is worth EVERY penny. I was SO NERVOUS putting Kendall in her crib to sleep for fear of SIDS but this gives me and Mr. Husband a peace of mind. It “tics” to let you know everything is A-OK and if no movement {aka baby stops breathing} for more than 20 seconds it sounds an alarm on the parents units. It’s also got the in room thermometer so you know if your baby is cold or not- anytime we have people over they just think that is SO COOL. We have not had any false alarms either, which was one of the only complaints I read on these.

Speaking of sleep, this got Kendall out of her swing and into her own bed at night

This, my friends, is the “baby crack machine”- Google it, it will come up. It’s got 6 sounds and a projection for baby’s viewing pleasure. I love this thing. Kendall loves this thing. It’s a win, win. We turn it to the “ocean waves” setting and we can hear it on the monitor all night so it’s like we’re sleeping on the beach every night. The best thing is it plays all night long {can you hear Lionel singing?} If you don’t want it to play all night {I’m too afraid to turn it off} it has an optional timer.

So that’s it for my FAVE-or-ite {in my best Oprah voice} things this time around. I have posted some of them in my sidebar for quick reference. Keep checking back for more!


  1. "I know she’s an expensive ass teether BUT she’s worth it." hahahahaha! Love it!

    You crack me up! And the baby crack machine-I want one of my own. for me. those things are

  2. Santa brought Carsyn a sophie...I'm interested to see if she loves it..
    I also love the angelcare monitor..we have a video monitor we never installed..

  3. It's funny how different everyone's fave lists can be....just goes to show how different every baby and parent are! For example...Jamie HATED the Bumbo...we took it back, haha.

    PS I have pretty much this exact same post...title and all... sitting in my "to be posted" file. So don't think I'm some weird crazy copy cat when on Thursday...I post mine. :)

    PPS This isn't the first time you've posted something and I've had pretty much the same thing ready to's kinda weird. Great minds think alike I guess!

  4. I am a huge fan of the baby crack machine as well! My 2 year old still goes to sleep at night with it. The sterilizer worked well for me- but mostly when I was pumping- great for the parts. However- I agree. If its just for bottles, dont waste your time.

  5. We don't have the baby crack machine...but we do have a fan for white noise. I wonder if we need that?

    I know this question is dreaded (or maybe not)--but how long is she sleeping at night?

    Since Eme got sick a few weeks ago we've had her sitting up in her swing (not always swinging) b/c of the stuffiness (laying down made it so much worse)--

    but now we're getting her back into her crib and she's waking up SO much more. Irritating.

    Hmm...the baby crack machine :)

    ps: love sophie. love links. love small bibs (but not particularly carters brand, and that high chair ALMOST lured me in, but I ended up with a graco one that is awesomeeeee and so cushy, and love love. Honestly, love it so much that the bumbo is now out of our lives because she'd much rather sit in it and play with her toys.

  6. We loved the Bumbo, links and baby crack machine. I hated my angelcare monitor and wished I had just bought a video monitor instead. Next time...
    Don't waste your money on the tray for the bumbo, ours didn't stay on for nothing! M would kick or move his legs and the tray would fall off, it just caused more frustration for both of us.

  7. I love these posts! Keep 'em coming! Psst secret revealed on my blog, check it out!

  8. oh wow, so informational!! now i need to print this so i don't forget anything!!
    the only thing i have is that "expensive ass teether", ha!!

  9. I'm due June 18th - just added a few of these things to my "must register for" list. Yayy!

  10. You may have talked be into the crack machine. I'm pulling my hair out (while not sleeping at night). I'm glad KP sleeps for you! And we totally used the Bumbo too. One of my friends is a Physical Therapist and she gave it go Kirsten, so I figured it was safe:)

  11. Seriously who doesn't love that crack machine??? Best $20 I have ever spent!!!!!!!!!