December 1, 2010

So What Wednesday



  • I check out other girls.  I like clothes and pretty things so if I happen to see girl rocking an outfit I’m gonna check her out like a man checking out Kim Kardashian’s ass. 
  • I spent $25 on a teether for KP.  Sophie ROCKS and all the other kids have one so she HAD to have one too. 
  • I spent my Macy’s gift card on KP.  I can get more bang for my buck buying her things so why not?
  • I refuse to take off my toenail polish.  It’s been on for over a month.  I’d much rather just let it grow off than spend 30 seconds to take it off.  Remember NO PEDICURES during close toe shoe months.
  • I am tickled pink and cannot wait for the Columbus bloggity blogger meet up!  Like, cannot sleep/I’m going to Disney World/just got picked for Oprah’s Favorite Things Show excited.  {If you live in c-bus and need to know details, let me know!}
  • I didn’t do any Christmas shopping this weekend.  I mean were there even any good deals?  I didn’t see any. 
  • I let KP taste Cool Whip on T-Gives.  WHAT?  It was Thanksgiving; girls gotta have a little treat too. She wasn’t sold though; she’s obviously inheriting mama’s sweet tooth.
  • My Christmas list consists of gift cards and a treadmill. 
  • I like to look in people's windows when I'm driving.  Not in a creepy peeping Tom way, in a "whoa look at that awesome kitchen" or "what were they thinking putting THAT on the wall?" kinda way.
What are you saying SO WHAT to?


  1. i'm totally with you on checking out other people - i do it all the time - and people catch me checking them out -i just look at their outfit from head to toe... i may comment i might not - but i need to work on not being so obvious!
    and i totally look in peoples windows - esp in the condo complex... srrsly - i have NO clue what other people are thinking when they decorate! i'm not saying that my house should be in a copy of a magazine - but really?!
    and i too am beyond excited for the columbus blogger meet up! can't wait :)

  2. I look in windows, too! I get annoyed when people close their blinds. It's not that I want to see what they're doing, I just want to see what their house looks like!

  3. I used to purposely walk the dogs through the courtyard at night in our old complex so I could sneak a peak into other peoples condos. Call me nosy, I just wanted to see what they had done with the same space.

  4. This totally reminds of Glamour's section "Hey its ok"... so what if I check out everyones outfit on the subway. hahaha xxxooo

  5. Oh I totally check other girls out too! I love analyzing outfits haha!

  6. Is Sophie worth it? She's on eBay (brand new) for a good price.

    And FTR...I am letting my toenail polish grow out too. :)

  7. Gina, I didn't get one for my kids, but another one of my friends got one, and after seeing it, I'd get one! They squeak! And the legs and neck are the perfect size to fit in a baby mouth.

  8. Love it! I could have written this myself!! I spent a lot on Sophie too! I got Sophie a leash to keep her safe. I got mine here, and we love it!

  9. You are hilarious...every Wednesday and sometimes in between! :P
    I totally copied your so what wednesday idea on my blog too...I need to vent.

  10. I am so excited for the Cbus meet up too!! And hubs and I have a tredmill on our Christmas list. We're considering selling our Wii and Rock Band so we can buy one.

  11. I do the same thing. If I see some girl rocking an awesome outfit I always stare and wonder where she got it!

  12. I refuse to take off my toenail polish, too! It's the pedicure I got days before my wedding ... in October :p Which is kinda gross but a) It reminds me of our wedding and honeymoon and b) I'm lazy.

  13. haha this cracked me up! i totally check out other girls too, and look in people's windows when i'm driving. i like to see their decor. glad to know i'm not alone! and my toenail polish has been on for over a month so don't feel bad. love your blog!