February 3, 2011

Love Her Style

So I know some girls have been OBSESSED with Kate Middleton for {well}} EVER, long before the engagement of the century even.  I, however, am just now jumping on the future princess bandwagon {have I been hiding under a rock?!}  This girl has some SERIOUS style and here are a few looks that leave me green with envy {as if the title of PRINCESS didn't do it}.
So casual cute, this is perfect for shopping or taking the kids {in my case} to the park!

Love this for just hanging out or running errands

How effortless is this outfit?  LOVE

Not that just anyone can pull off this hat, BUT, she looks GREAT

I don't know what's going on in this pic, but I do know I LOVE the outfit!  L.O.V.E., love.

Can someone PLEASE look for less this for me?!

What a perfect night on the town look!  Or New Years! 

Who says you can't do brown and black together?  She's doing it JUST right!

Head to toe awesomeness.

Was this dress made for her?!  Fits like a glove!

Again with the hats, but can you deny the total cuteness of this look?  Didn't think so.

Just wrap this up in a box, I'll take the whole look!

I think I like this because it most closely resembles something I could actually do myself

And, as if I weren't dreaming of summer already, this outfit makes me scream BRING ON SPRING!

I'd have to say, with her fashion sense, she's ready to take the Princess title in style!


  1. Love her style and all of those outfits! You could definitely "look for less" that outfit! :-)

  2. I love her style and look too!!! She's very simple, yet classy! Have a great day! :)

  3. Love her! I think William has found someone almost as awesome as his mum.

  4. You should read their book - William and Kate: A Royal Love Story.
    It's very interesting!

  5. I heart her!!!!

    She's super classy.

  6. she does have a great look. I need someone to shop for me and put the cute outfits together.

  7. She is definitely going to be a princess with style. I’ll take one of each outfit please, haha!! :)

  8. Love it! It sure helps that she is like a twig...everything looks great on her!

  9. Def cute and chic! It looks like she wears a lot of high boot styles... xxoo

  10. I definitely agree, she has wonderful style. I'm definitely a fan. She reminds me of Lauren Conrad a bit.

  11. I have to agree. I love every single outfit you just posted. Love her style!

  12. just replied to your supermom post xx

  13. I love her and her style but sometimes the hats are just too much. She's always got great boots though!

  14. Yes, she is just SOOO fabulous. I love that dark blue coat with the black tights/boots and that last springy dress?? Loooove that color. She is just soooo fit and lean too, great body to be jealous of! :-S

  15. I am not into style-y things but hers intrigues me. I think it's the effortless part. She's just gorgeous.