October 31, 2011

Frozen In Time

A LOT of my blogger friends {hi Katie, Lindsey, and Lindsay} have been doing posts like these, where we gush all over our girls for just a second and soak up this moment in their lives.  So here goes.
Kendall is currently 14 months.
*She's not much of a talker, beside babbling,these days.  She can say "dada", "mama", "dog", "hot", "thank you", "daisy", and "hi" {sounds more like a southern "haaaii"}.  Oh and if you ask her "What's a doggie say she will say 'woof woof'". So that's pretty cute.
*Since she's not very verbal right now we are teaching her sign.  She knows "please" and "more" so far and we are working on "thank you" and "all done".
*She's not much into toys.  Girlfriend LOVES books though.  She could sit on the floor with a pile of books around her and be 100%, totally happy.  Her favorite books are "peek-a-boo" books, the ones where you have to flip something up or down or sideways.
*One word, dogs.  There is nothing she loves more than dogs.  Our dogs, grandmas dogs, strange dogs, she loves them all. She will give the dogs a kiss before she'll give me a kiss.  The other day we were out on a stroller ride and she heard a dog {far away} and about threw herself out of the stroller to find it.  She loves them.
*It seems as though she has "hot" and "no" confused.  Rightfully so since they typically go hand & hand {or is it hand in hand?}. 
*Blankie is still #1 in our house.  We had a few instances where we almost lost blankie last week which has forced me to order a back up, or five.  When I give her her bottle at night she rubs it on her face and rubs the little tag back and forth back and forth.  It's really sweet.
*Our new favorite activity is going to the park.  Or taking walks.  Basically anything that has to do with being outside. It's probably my favorite time spent with her too.  Win, win.
*Along with with the adorableness we have our doozies too.  She now STOMPS her feet and screams.  And girl has a set of lungs on her!  We're trying to just ignore them but sometimes I have to turn my back and laugh because it's just THAT ridiculous.
*And with the screamies comes some hateful throwing and hitting.  Not too much but it has happened and I am not proud of it.  She laughs at me when I try to discipline her for it too, so THAT'S fun.
*She dances and dances good.  Well I think it's good.  The other day we were driving and I look back at her and she's bobbing her head and uh hmm...thrusting her hips.  Guess she's not going to be able to go to any school dances.
*She's got and adorable "cheese" face.  She pretty much does it on command.  I think it's because she knows I love it so much.
*She LOVES to snack, like she could live off snacking.  She likes Nilla wafers, saltines, mandarin oranges,  peas, carrots, corn, yogurt, apples, Cheerios, puffs, and her milk.  She's still getting one bottle at night time and I'm going to be so sad to see it go.  I love that snuggle time with her.
*I think we're going to do swim this fall/winter.  It'll give us something to do so that we don't go stir crazy and get cabin fever and it's something that's important to J & I.
*Running is fun.  She went from walking to running to running with things over her head.  It's crazy scary but she's pretty good at it and very rarely falls or runs into things.

So yeah, life is pretty good as a 14 month old.


  1. She is positively adorable!! I didn't realize that out daughters are days apart in age! So cool! KP has such a cute personality (from your posts & pics)! Do you find that she likes to sign? I was trying to teach my little one but she got too frustrated

  2. KP is just SO cute! I just can't wait for her and Chloe to meet!! I was going to ask the same thing. Does she like to sign? Chloe does sometimes, but other times she just wants whatever it is RIGHT now and doesn't want to take the 2 seconds to say please. LOL!

  3. Umm...does she like it? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. When she wants something REALLY bad she doesn't want to do it at all. I try and hold out and not give into her until she signs and she usually does. But if she's just not having it I don't force her to do it.

  4. So cute. Looks like such a fun stage!

  5. The last picture was THEE BEST! Seriously love that smile. She is precious!!

  6. Love this! Her signing is so great. i love the please. So cute!!Eva is the same with dogs .. she is crazy over them! She used to say Pup pup but now she's just lazy and says Up and signs puppy when she sees them. She can spot one from a mile away, too. It's hilarious!

  7. OMG that face just gets me every time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her. And that cheesy grin? Die!

  8. She's precious! I think this stage is so much fun..minus the beginning of tantrums. Grayson is also OBSESSED with dogs and woofs back when he hears any dog barking. I see a dog birthday party in our future!