October 26, 2011

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This weeks guest is Pam from Our Love Nest!  She's totally adorable, has great style and we're {kinda} coworkers!  She is a Thirty-One consultant so stop by and check out some of the AWESOME deals going on right now! 
Hi there! It’s Pam from over at Our Love Nest! I was so excited when Shannon offered up guest slots for her So What? Wednesday posts that I jumped at the chance to get in on it, and here I am! I’ve been reading Shannon’s blog for a while, and she was also one of my very first Twitter friends, so hopefully, she’ll let me visit again sometime!

If you read my blog, you probably know that we recently bought our very first home as husband and wife. The home where we will start our family, celebrate holidays and make lots of memories. Well, I guess my brain was clouded by these dreamy thoughts when I was signing all of those papers, and making the preparation to do weeks’ worth of demo to the place once it was legally “ours”. So, this post will help explain the out-of-sorts kind of lifestyle that we’re living right now.

So what if I …

… was such a good girl in the month leading up to our settlement? Penny-pinching on everything, down to what we’d eat for dinner, and then went out and blew through a month’s worth of “fun money” in 24 hours?! I needed that trip to JCrew, and those awesome lamps from Target for our new bedroom!

… painted my nails for our Christmas card photo shoot Sunday afternoon, only to cover up the globs of residual paint from painting what will be my new office? And? The pretty gold, shimmery polish is basically covered again.

… haven’t cooked a real meal since before we settled. Pasta with parmesan cheese and tuna sandwiches are perfectly acceptable meals, especially when you eat them at 11:30pm like we did last night!

… if my “painting snack” the past several nights has been 2 Bud Lights? My paint lines are still impeccable. Well, almost.

… if I haven’t packed or organized a single thing in our apartment, and we need to be out of there in two weeks?! Packing up an entire apartment is simple, right? Please say yes.

… if I have become mildly obsessed with what our new bedroom will look like, and may have items that amount to about $1,500 in various online shopping carts across the web?

… if the only ‘conversation-worthy’ topics between B and I lately have been about football and, you guessed it, the new house?! Must.plan.date.night.soon.

Thanks again to Shannon for hosting another So What? Wednesday, and letting me take over her blog for the day! We’re headed back to Lowe’s tonight. More power tools await!



  1. Can't link up for some reason...but I love your SWW! :) Always do it at my blog too: hammarlovehappenings.blogspot.com

  2. There's nothin wrong with only wanting to talk about your house!! You're proud of it!

  3. I haven't commented yet, but I just have to say how much I LOVE SWW! Whenever I do something silly throughout the week, I'm like "hey that'd be good for SWW!" :)

  4. I love your SWW. Yet again I also do :) I hope you all have enjoyed all the paiting in the house :) I am sure we will get to see pictures eventually :) I hope you have a great rest of the week sweetie!

  5. Congrats on the new house!!! I can totally relate to eating crap food at almost midnight, we spent many months doing the same exact thing!! One day, when you are cooking an awesome meal in your beautiful home you will think back on these moments and laugh, I promise!