October 13, 2011

You Ask, I Answer

First of all I am flattered that you all want to know more about me!  I feel like my life is an open book and just when I thought there was NO WAY I could share any more about me, J or baby K you asked for it!  So, without further ado, the answers to your questions.
From MindiI'm not a new follwer but can I still ask?! well I'm going to anyway.. um... what are your fave/daily hair/makeup products. I always liked to know these things :)
Hi Mindi!  Of course I want to hear from long time readers too!  Hmm...now...let's see...favorites...I'm not brand loyal, at all.  I buy whatever shampoo and conditioner strikes my fancy, same goes with makeup, I've tried almost everything.  I'm cheap, we all know that, so drug store brands are my only vices these days.  Currently I am using Mirra shampoo and conditioner.  It's like $4 at Kroger, smells pretty good, and most importantly cleans my hair.  Sometimes I use Aveda Volumizing Tonic but only when we're going somewhere, I save the expensive stuff for important dates.  I also LOVE Aveda's Air Control hair spray but again I use it sparingly.  For every day I use John Freida's blonde hair spray {leftover from my blonde days} and it's decent.  As for make up, again not brand loyal, but I am a fan of mineral makeup.  I used to use Bare Minerals but now I just use whatever store brand is on sale.  I have been gifted Too Face Naked Eye kit for eyeshadow and I LOVE it.  Honestly I don't know what I'll do when it runs out b/c J will kill me if I spend $36 on eyeshadows.  I did just place a huge order from my Avon site and I'm super excited to try {and review} all those goodies.
From Pinla:  Lurker here, but as you asked I have always wondered what Jimmy does for a living. And I think he may take night courses too? Love reading how your family is doing. Thanks for sharing.
Yes Jimmy does take night classes at the electrical trade school, he is an electrician.  His family owns a commerical electric company so the plan is for him to take over, one day, once his grandpa {yes his grandpa still comes to work every day} and dad retire.  For now he works in the field and he really enjoys it {most days}.   
From Mander I've been a blog "stalker" for a while. Just too shy to comment.  I'm from the same great state as you...I live in Dayton. I love your blog and your honesty. I usually can relate to a lot of what you're talking about.  BTW-you look amazing! 
First of all, hey neighbor!  Well Dayton isn't really close but close enough in the blog world.  And secondly, THANK YOU! 
From Erin:  Well, since I'm also a MFP stalker and TOTES jealous of your weight loss, I wanna know what a typical day of eating looks like for you :)
Well I bloggd about my typical {boring} day here.  Now that I'm in "maintain" mode, I still pretty much eat the same.  I will sort of "let loose" on the weekends now but try to stay the same through the week.  I'd say the biggest difference now is that I may indulge in more wine than before becasue I have the calories to do so now.
From LauraI love these posts! I'm nosy:) did you and Jimmy want to have a baby right away after y'all got married or did just get lucky?  Are you dead set on an only child?  Where did you grow up?
We did, sort of, want a baby right away.  If you read yesterdays post then you already know the answer.  He wanted to wait, I didn't, so we decided to not use any protection and "see what happens".  Well we got pregnant after one month!  So we got lucky, I'd say! 
One child?  Yes.  Right now we feel that Kendall fulfills us and don't feel the need to add anymore babies into the mix.  That's not to say we can't and won't change our mind sometime in the future, but for now we're thinking just one.
I grew up in a suburb about 20 miles southeast of Columbus called Pickerington.  It is a growing town/city and my parents still live there.  Actually my parents and aunts & uncles grew up and graduated from there too, so that's cool.
From Debbie:  I have a question about weight loss! :) Did you buy smaller clothes as you got smaller or did you already have smaller clothes you were waiting to wear?  Also - I'm curious about your job. I know you recently left a job you were at for a long time and started at a new one.
I did buy SOME new clothes.  When Kendall was first born I wore maternity clothes for about 4 months.  Yeah, how embarrassing right?  Well, I thought it was more embarrassing to buy bigger clothes I guess.  Finally I broke down and bought 2 pair of "big girl" jeans.  I got size 10s and it about killed me.  My preKendall jeans were all 4s and 6s {one pair of 8s} so this was  BIG change {no pun intended}.  So thankfully most of my weight loss happened over the summer and I live in dresses all summer so I didn't have to buy any more transitional jeans.  So now I am back into all of my preKendall jeans {YAY!} and I even bought a new pair of size 4 jeans to reward myself!
As for my job, I work at Thirty-One Gifts as a consultant support representative, aka customer service.  It's  a pretty boring job, I don't love it, but the company is GREAT!  If I could just get a different position within the company I'd be a happy happy girl.  Recently we have been REALLY slow so I have been working on returns in the warehouse.  One might think that this means I go to work in jeans and tennis shoes but I assure you I rock my dresses and wedges out there.  I may get the side eye but whatevs, at least I feel good even in a dingy warehouse.
From Kate:  I'm not new, but I have wondered two things -- did you know that your blog was linked from a post on The Gloss like ... awhile ago. That's actually how I found you! Their post was sort of snotty, but I liked the blog so much I added it to my google reader.  Also, did anyone give you a hard time about KP's name? NOT because it's bad (I think it's adorable!) but because you were so public with it before she was born. My mommy friends seem to be split on the issue of telling/not telling names because sometimes people can't keep their opinions to themselves. I was wondering what your experience with this was. :)
The Gloss?  Oh you've got my interest peaked!  Please PLEASE tell me more!  Readers if you know of said site and the link to my post hook a sister up!  I am curious as a cat and need to know if someone is shit talking me.  
As for announcing KPs name, I was 100% fine with it.  J and I knew her name before she was even conceived so there was no changing our minds anyway.  A few of my girlfriends have kept their baby names secrets because of The Judgies but no matter what you're going to have them, it's just a matter of now or later. I've had people {since she's been born} say, "Ken Doll" or "Kindle {the E reader} and to those people I just roll my eyes and laugh.  My dad even tried talking me out of it because someone works at his gym named Kendall and he thinks she's a royal asshat.  Not happening, get over it Dad.  So yeah, I know some people like to keep it private but with this blog nothing is private.
From SarahI wanna know all the answers to the questions you used as examples!
OK well...my real hair color is a dark blonde.  Lighter than it is now but darker than it used to be when I was blonde.  Probably like an ash blonde, ew.  I drive a 2009 Mazda3 {boring} but only till February.  I'm not sure what I'll get then but we're thinking either an Explorer or a Jeep.  Jimmy is an electrician, as I previously said.  I do own a real camera but that means I'd have to carry it AND my phone around all the time and well it's just easier to use my phone.  Plus this iPhone takes pretty good pics and I'm not very good at picture taking anyway.  My MIL takes GREAT pics of Kendall and prints them for us every time so that's awesome! My favorite movie...most likely Knocked Up.  It pretty much the only movie I can watch OVER AND OVER and even though we own it I watch it whenever it's on E! too.  My favorite foods are a tie between Italian, Mexican and Pizza.  Pizza is it's own category.  As for the playroom, yes I will show pics.  It's actually still a work in progress but it's come a long way.  Soon, maybe.
From Erika:  What were you like in high school? Did you go to college/where? What was that experience like?
Well, you asked for it.  I was not cute in high school.  I wasn't a dork but I wasn't "popular" either even though I talked to all the "popular" kids.  I didn't play sports, I wasn't in band, I wasn't a Mathlete, I was just me.  I hung out with my friends and went to school and that was pretty much it.  I went through a wild streak and my hair was short, I wore Jnco and Kikwear jeans {the ones where one pant leg was be enough for my whole body to fit in} and I hung out with the skater kids.  Here's a picture of a picture of me from 10th grade, hold me.
Believe it.  That's me.  Gag me with a spoon.  Who thought that hair was cute?  And nice "necklace", gah what a way I've come.  You're welcome.
As for college, yes I did go.  I was a homebody though and was terrified of the thought of going away to college so I went to a regional branch of Ohio University.  I went to school in the morning and in the evenings and worked in between.  I made ONE friend at college because I was literally there for my classes and then bolted.  However, she is the BEST person I could have befriended, the sweetest girl and she is the friend that will be there no matter what and so for just one friend, I picked a good one.  I majored in business administration and that has done NOTHING for me thus far so I think that college was a total waste of time and money for me.  Just sayin'.  
From Lindsey:  I'm a newbie follower and so thrilled to have come across your blog! I have a question that is kind of broad spectrum; what do you like most about being a mom?!? I love hearing the answers when I ask first time Moms :)
Hi Lindsey!  Thanks for the love!  The thing I love the MOST?  Oh gah...umm...geez, just one?  Hmm...I love watching her grow and learn.  It's like learning and seeing everything for the first time when I see her.  Everything is new to her, things that we've seen every day for years, things we take for granted.  Like snow.  Well last year she was too little to know what snow was but this year?  It's a whole new ballgame.  I can't wait to experience that with her.  It's so great to see her figure out things, like how to go up and down the stairs and feed herself with a spoon and fork.  The look on her face when she realizes "I did it!", is priceless.  Those are the moments I live for.
From JennyLove reading your blog! My questions would be what kind of job do you have? And what is your favorite tv show?
Thanks for the blog love!!!  Umm...since I answered the job thing let's skip to one of my favorite things to talk about, TV!  Umm...I cannot possibly pick one because I watch SO much TV {all DVR'd of course} so how bout I share all my faves?  Ok?  OK!  Umm...Modern Family, Cougar Town, Teen Mom, Project Runway, Biggest Loser, Top Chef, Parenthood {if I HAD to pick a fav it would be Parenthood}, Desperate Housewives, Sister Wives, Real Housewives {all of them}, Bethenny {ever after, getting married, whatever}, Rachel Zoe, Up All Night, anything Kardashian related, Kendra, Entourage, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Glee, OMG do I watch a lot of TV or what?!

This has been so much fun!  I'm so flattered that you all wanted to know MORE about me.  I literally thought I had shared every aspect of my life but guess there's always more to know!  Happy Thursday, one more day till the weekend!!!


  1. I'm sorry, can I just laugh out loud about your JNCO jeans phase ;) I would have NEVER guessed that, not even based on that picture. PS I sported that same Kelly and Donna (90210) haircut in college and I'm mortified by it now! Maybe I'll post a pic so you won't feel so bad - I kid I kid! And girl I am with you on the education! I have an associate's, bachelor's AND masters and I think they were all a waste! Good thing I'm $50k in debt so I can be qualified for a position that makes a fraction of that in a year! LAME!

  2. That photo of you? I die! I think I went through that same exact phase. Are we really surprised? :)

  3. Your high school pictures is cute! However, I had a super short hair cut for awhile in high school and I now wonder wtf I was thinking?! So where you grew up isn't too far from Hocking Hills State Park, where we want on a family trip a couple years ago and my kids are STILL talking about it. Awesome place. Do you still live in that area?

  4. Ahhhh the high school days!! I mean really. I remember when I first game to P-town and I was ghetto fabulous wearing nothing but Nike shirts and shorts with Nike headbands. I mean REALLY??? I looked like a dude!! At least your bad hair style days were in high school, remember when I decided to chop mine post Kadyn, gag me and I have my license picture to remind me of it everyday!! Thank god that expires this month!!

  5. Okay, I found it! Actually, it wasn't as terrible as I remember it to be. And I hope it doesn't upset you -- I read that and then came over here and never left. :) (http://thegloss.com/culture/do-parents-have-a-right-to-weigh-in-on-your-weight/)

  6. I totally had that same hair cut in high school. What were we thinking? haha!

    Also, I love pretty much all those same TV shows. My DVR is contantly blowing up!

  7. I loved reading all of this!

    We all have photos like that! The ones we wish we could go back in time and punch our face! At least thats what I think when I look at my pictures!

  8. your dvr list looks like mine...minus 2. And Parenthood is my favorite. I watched this weeks last night after the babe went to bed and I CRIED...and LAUGHED OUT LOUD when Adam caming walking down the street in that get up. lol. UM- SEVERAL friends of mine had that same hair cut in 10th grade. you seriously look like a girl in my year book!

  9. I didn't think you would answer all my questions, but thats why you are awesome!

    I actually love and want a mazda3 ;) wanna sell it to me?

  10. First off I can't believe you gave a shout out to me on your blog! I blushed! Now I have to post something more than once a month because I may get a visitor? HA!
    Anyways, I had the same hair cut but imagine it with natural Shirley Temple curly hair. All thanks to my personal stylist; Mom!

  11. Loved reading this. Thanks for sharing! :)

  12. For some strange reason I thought your husband was a teacher. Not sure why but I did!

  13. oook, I think we are TV twins! Loved reading this post and I love that you posted a pic from high school--you go girl!