November 17, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is...

A cleaning lady.  Yes that is numero uno on the list this year.
A new bedroom set {on sale even}.  Our bedroom is depressing, I'd love to love it.
While you're at it,new bedding too.  Please and thank you.
A spa day.  Mama needs it.  Enough said.
North Face Osito Jacket.  Ivory or white please.
A vacation.  Anywhere warm and with a beach will do.
GMC Terrian.  A car.  No big deal, right?
Aveda Air Control hair spray.  Best hair spray ever.  Trust.
New tennis shoes.  I like these.
A Nordstrom gift card so I can FINALLY buy myself some new, post baby, bras.  Or just a boob lift.
A new coffee maker.  I think this one looks FAB!  Single serve AND a whole pot?  Sign me up!
New purse, like I need one.  But I'm IN LOVE with this one so...yeah.
Boot socks.  Preferably these.
Because why not.  Size 7.5 please.
Gift certificates to my favorite store, Francesca's.  So I can buy this, this, this, and this.
While you're at it a gift card to Old Navy too because they always have stuff I need.

I think that should do it.  Thanks for shopping!  Can't wait to start receiving!



  1. We have the exact same taste. I love everything on your list. EVERYTHING.

  2. HAHA, how about you get a cleaning lady and she can come to my house too. That sound marvelous :)

  3. great list Shannon! Let's see I'd be on board with the housekeeper except there's a large correlation between my last one and all my shit being stolen.

    Clothes, purses, shoes..all good stuff!

    We need bedroom furniture so badly, and I LOVE black!

    Last, I do love that coffee pot, but I love the keurig also. FYI- you can use regular coffee in the keurig if you wish-It comes with a filter :) I'm just too lazy!

  4. Love the new bedroom set. We bought a new bed frame when we moved in, but had to mickey mouse it a little bit, so a new one is a definite. And that coffee maker? I NEEEEED it. Love your style!

  5. Please excuse me while I add everything on your list to mine. ;)

  6. I just saw that Scoop machine on TV. I love my Keurig but the whole pot thing is great! Great list girl!

  7. This is a great idea, I may borrow your idea sometime. :) I bought maroon wedges just like those from Target this fall! They are soooo uncomfortable that I hardly wear them, but go check, maybe they still have some and fit you better than me. I'd honestly send you mine if my feet weren't twelve sizes bigger than what you need!

  8. Love that list! We got a new coffee maker a week or so ago. Grey is loving it! Says it tastes a lot better than the Bunn. Its a Waring and can brew 2-12 cups.

    Love and miss ya!