November 15, 2011

Mommy of the Year

Remember that time I took my baby toddler into a bar?
It was your typical Friday night.  Jimmy, Kendall and I went to dinner at Olive Garden {because we're fancy like that} and then made our way to the mall to meet my bestie and her husband.
The evening was fun.  We shopped, we caught up on each others lives, we decided we needed a drink of the adult persuasion.
I'm not sure if you are all familiar with the Cup-O-Joe/Mojo Lounge. Cup-O-Joe is the coffee side while Mojo is it's fun big brother, a lounge that serves libations.
So as we're strolling {and by strolling I mean I'm actually pushing the stroller} through the gates we pass the signage that reads "must be 21 and over" I realize, "Shit!  We have a baby.  In a bar!" {Sweet Home Alabama anyone?}.
I look at my bestie, "is this appropriate?".  And she looks just as confused as I.  Jimmy wants to get his drink on so he's all, "eh it's no big deal, it's not like a REAL bar".  "But it has a sign!  It says 21+, she's only 1!!!"
We debate.
We realize two things.
1. It was probably not appropriate and we'd end up with lots of side eye.  Plus if we were patronizing a "lounge" we wouldn't want to be disruppted by a not-wanting-to-stay-in-the-stroller-toddler either.
2. We still need a stiff drink.
Like any sneaky lush parent would do we had Jimmy go to the "lounge" and order our drinks while we went to the coffee shop side and waited for him to bring them over.  Success!  He snuck them over the gates and we sat and enjoyed some 21+ beverages for a few minutes until...
They caught us. 
Apparently the coffee side isn't meant for alcohol {who knew?  not me ;-)}.
Forcing me to down my {very strong} vodka/tonic and bust a move outta there.
So yeah.  I kinda sorta took my baby toddler to a bar.  I wouldn't recommend it, you will get the stink eye, promise.


  1. Hah!! I can just picture you STROLLING her through the bar to the bathroom, "'scuse me, 'scuse me! Baby needs a changing..." and then realizing there is no baby changing station, haha ;-)

  2. Haha! I always feel weird ordering a margarita when I'm at a Mexican restaurant with everyone is staring at me! Mama needs a drink too!

  3. I wanted to go to Marathon Monday in Boston this year. I go every year. well I used to live RIGHT in the city and would just walk out my front door, but since I moved, I make a day trip out of it every year. It is also a big Red Sox game the same day. Well, this year I had my new baby and my friends were planning on meeting up at a few bars right next to Fenway. I Called one of the bars and asked if I could bring a baby since their website said it would be 21+ for the day (but normally they are family restaurants during the day) The girl who answered had no idea how to answer. I totes wore my baby to the bar in my carrier :) I tried hard not to spill any adult beverage on her. Lol Just kidding, I didn’t drink that time because she was still nursing on demand. But, she has been to bars other times too. Her dad gets mad about it, but owell! People bring babies to bars in the city ALL the time!! Oh, and one time a girl I am NOT friends with on FB ( but I have friends who are friends with her) actually wrote a post on her wall about how inappropriate it was for me to have a baby at a bar (which it was an event place WITh a restaurant and bar) when we went to my HS reunion and the sitter brought her to me to nurse at the location.

  4. The "rules" seem different everywhere we go. Here, we could sit at the bar of a restaurant with our baby in a carrier on the floor...but crossing the state line into Kansas City? I couldn't even CARRY her THROUGH the bar on my way to changer her dipe in the ladies' room. The hostess literally stopped me and made me take the looooong way around.

  5. This is hilarious! I love that part of Sweet Home Alabama!

  6. This happened to someone I know once. All the young adults from HER CHURCH were going out to celebrate a birthday so they made a reservation for 25 or however many there were... Anyway, they were at a restaurant that had a bar section attached and the restaurant set up their reservation in the bar area because that's where it was easiest to fit all 25 of them but when they go tthere? They wouldn't let the girls who had babies sit in there!

  7. Haha, This was so funny!! :) Glad you got your drink, even if you got caught.

  8. We love eating dinner at this one casino restaurant (I live in AZ with casinos). Six adults and one 4 month old for dinner. We then tried to go visit a friend who deals blackjack. Sure enough, my 4 mth old neice was kicked out for being under 21. It's not like she was going to drink and gamble! We laugh at it now. (PS non-smoking casino part)

  9. Hahaha! You so were being judged I bet! Shit happens!! But I love that you debated if you would take her in there or not! ;)

    Love sweet home Alabama!!! That quote - priceless!

  10. Ah! Hilarious! This is just the pick-me-up I needed for the day! Thank you lol

  11. I wish I would have seen your face when you got busted. :) Funny, funny story!

  12. Our mom's group has been kicked out of a restaurant/bar on more than one occasion--even on girl's night out, there's usually a nursing infant or two along for the ride! So, I've been there, done that!

  13. haha too funny. nothing wrong with this at all. totally me.

    also, love the new look!! so fresh :)

  14. ha. this made me laugh. i so wish i could have seen you get busted!

  15. LOL! My husband is in a band, and when my two oldest were little they always wanted to see daddy sing. night his band was playing an "all ages" show at a BAR (not a kinda bar either, but a real - the only reason people come here is to get drunk, pick up chicks, and listen to music - in that order-bar)and damned if I didn't take my kids to see their dad play. I even let them get up on stage, until the stodgy manager made me get them down (something about safety regulations - pish posh!). I think they were about 4 and 5 at the time, so at least they weren't in a stroller, you awful mother you ;-)

  16. Haha, oh my gosh! I can't believe they busted you! Did they mention your baby?