December 15, 2011

Presents For Everyone- Including Myself

Thanks to Walgreens for underwriting this post. I was paid as a member of the Clever Girls Collective, but the content is all mine. Visit

OK so you all have seen my Christmas wishlist, right?  If not there's still time to take a gander and buy me something pretty.  But there's one thing I didn't touch on, stocking stuffers.  If you took a look at my guest post on Lindsey's 12 Days of Christmas series, you would know that stocking stuffers are just as important as the real deal in my family {hello hidden Tiffany earrings}.
So this week stocking stuffers are my goal, got to get them done!
That's where Walgreens comes in.
 For the lil one{s} in your life
If your child is anything like mine, he/she LOVES to brusha brusha brusha {bonus points to the first person that can name that movie}.  That's why Kendall will be getting some of this in her stocking this year.
And, because we only have 2 sets of toddler silverware {believe it or not} she's getting more of my favorite toddler friendly utensils.  

For that special man in your life
My husband isn't much of a product man BUT he does love him some Axe body wash so you better believe that while I'm in control I'm going to buy a not too awful scent {that stuff can be over powering}.
{That's actually the scent he buys and it's really not that bad.}
He's also in desperate need of a new beard trimmer.  Jimmy doesn't shave with a razor, he's always got a 5 o'clock shadow, and that's the way I like him.  This would be perfect for him.
And my brother-in-law wanted this picture for Christmas 
So we sent it to the Walgreen's pharmacy and surprisingly the quality was really good!  And we were able to pick up a frame there, that's what I call one stop shopping!!
And for the lady in your life aka ME!
Listen up ladies, did you know they now sell "high end" brands like Frederic Fekkai?  It's true.
And something I JUST found out they sell? ESSIE!!!  As in the nail polish.  As in my FAVORITE nail polish {sorry OPI}.
BTW, isn't that color gorg?  Must run out NOW!
And I've blogged about this before but my love for Ivory soap has not changed.  I love it.  The best, cleanest, freshest scent out there.  I buy the body wash but the bar is just as good {for Jimmy}.

And you know what the best thing about Walgreens is, for me?  There's one in my tiny country town!  I know, right?  I mean all we have is McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Subway AND Walgreen's.  Needless to say we love it there.  

So what are your favorite stocking stuffers?  Do you get real gifts in them too?  Have you tried that Essie color!?



  1. I *love* stocking stuffers! My kids are all getting animal hats with matching gloves and/or scarves, pretty hair things, socks, underwear, candy, nail polish & we'll see how much more I can cram in there!

  2. It's Grease!! I LOVE that movie!!

  3. I love stocking stuffers! :) My girls always get a new toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, and lots of other goodies! :) I dont do much candy, just little toys, new panties, stickers, princess things, playdough, crayons, coloring book, stuff i can score at the dollar bin at target. lol. i love walgreens too, i get all of my pictures printed there. :)

  4. I don't know what I would do if Ben didn't work at Walgreens. They have EVERYTHING and I love that he can gran it before he leaves. And now I will tell him to pick me up some Essie.

  5. Ummm, Grease! I totally sing that to Kinley when I brush her teeth too.