December 28, 2011

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...

  • I already spent my Old Navy gift cards I got for Christmas.  I actually spent them Christmas night.  What can I say, I can't pass up a good sale.
  • I was supposed to take yesterday off from running and I ran anyway.  Am I really starting to like it?
  • I refresh my favorite blogs constantly waiting for an update when it's been a couple days since their last post.
  • I love listening to dirty ghetto rap.  Like love it.  The dirtier the better.  Jimmy was in the car this weekend and "She Does" by Lil Wayne came on and his jaw hit the floor.
  • I got a white North Face instead of an easier to keep clean color like, gray, black, or even cream.   Just because I'm a mom I will not get it dirty, you hear that KP!?
  • I really don't care about the fact that Facebook changed...again.  Everyone gets their panties in a bunch about it like the first day and guess what?  Facebook doesn't care and will most likely change it again.  Get over it.
  • I skipped right over all of the "Look at my Christmas" posts in my reader.  I'm glad everyone had a fahbulous holiday, I really am, I just don't care to see 985,374,495 pictures of presents, decorations, food and the like.  Sorry.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with pictures of my former fat self.  I love to see how far I've come over the year but I hate to see myself that way.  Never again.




  1. I myself am a fan of dirty ghetto rap too.....I'm not sure why but I love it!!!

  2. I love dirty ghetto rap... I have a white north face and it's super easy to just toss in the wash, so don't worry about it!... and lastly, totally agree about skipping Christmas posts

  3. With a black husband, it's hard to get away from the dirty rap, but the funny thing is I introduced him to some of the dirtiest...haha :)

  4. I am also a fan of dirty ghetto rap... even at 33. The best was when I was a middle school teacher and I knew all of the songs the kids liked... and they were shocked I listen to them too. My husband thinks it is ridiculous.

  5. please don't hate me for posting a recap of christmas..
    and i totally love looking back at old pictures - it does make me feel good about how far i have come!

  6. Okay, not to sound creepy or anything but I am a freshman in college and I think you would be the COOLEST mom! Sorry if that makes you feel old, I promise I'm not trying to! But seriously, your posts make me laugh out loud! Keep up the sassiness! KP is a lucky girl! :)

  7. Love it mama! Maybe I like I mean love ghetto rap too because I use it to work out with? Hmm...

  8. love it! I love listening to nasty rap too...and Tim is always like "you listen to this?"...

    I also see photos from last year of my former fatty self and vow to not go to that place bueno!!! My SIL posted a pic of me in May before I lost all my weight (FB) was awful!!!