February 24, 2012

Fashion Friday

My friend, and new sponsor, LC is hosting a Fashion Friday link up and I thought, "I love it when people link up with me so it's time to return the favor!"  You should too.
Today it's all about the purse!  Lots of girls have done this, I did it a long time, and like 4 purses, ago so I thought it was time for an update.
The purse of the moment?
I don't really love this purse.  To be honest I'd much rather carry my Old Navy cross body but it's just not big enough right now.  When we are just going on a quick trip I can just toss a sippy, diaper, pack of wipes in this bad boy and go, no diaper bag necessary.  So right now I'm on the hunt for the perfect cross body and I think I found it.
Now, what's in my bag?  Sure thing.
1.  misc papers,coupons, receipts 
2.  a Christmas ornament/laptop that KP loves to play with*
3.  coffee creamer, yeah I love it THAT much**
4. mace***
5.  pens & notepad
6.  hair ties
7.  tissues
8.  makeup bag full of lip gloss
9.  binky for the cry baby
10. Vera Bradly turn lock wallet****
11.  Coach wristlet full of girly necessities {tampons and birth control}

*This item actually doesn't even work, the batteries fell out in Kroger yesterday and I didn't bother to pick them up, sorry KP.
**Be thankful it's not mayo.  I used to carry mayo packets in my purse.  
***You never know.
****Best wallet you will ever own.  Has so many card slots I don't even know what to do with myself.



  1. Oh I'm not sure Jimmy would like you calling him a cry baby on the web. Hahah!

  2. I love that you carry coffee creamer around with you! I am just a tiny bit obsessed with coffee creamer, too. I literally have 3-4 bottles in my fridge at any given time!

  3. I love these kind of posts. and you carry coffee creamer> hilarious!

  4. Mace?! Where do even get that? Haha

  5. I have the same exact bag but in pink. However you will never see me posting pictures of the contents of my purse. N-E-V-E-R. It's not a pretty sight.

  6. I have almost the same bag mine might be a tad smaller but I love it for the fact that just like you I can toss similar items in there and be on the go ;)

  7. Wow! You are prepared!

    I don't even have a purse OR a wallet! I just carry a debit card and a single key in my pocket. LOL

  8. Ha! I carry mayo packets in my purse. I have no clue why...but I have them!

  9. I just carry my crossbody. I'm sure I have way too much stuff packed in it...but it's convenient when I have my hands full with other more important things.

  10. I was already a Vera fan, but I just recently got that wallet and I will never own another! If they ever discontinue it I will have to buy extras to last me!

  11. Your purse is WAY neater than mine! I would be embarassed to show mine in a photo, there is probably 20 recipts in it, most of them in a wadded up mess and none of them need to be kept, I just don't take them out.