February 20, 2012

Mom Fail{s}

I hope to never give the perception that I know what I'm doing 100% of the time with this whole mommy business.  I like to think I'm a good mommy but I also know that I am not perfect.  I yell, I get frustrated, I want to give up {sometimes}, I am human after all.  I know that everyone has those days, at least I hope so, so I thought I'd share some of my "finer" moments.
  • Remember that time I let Kendall eat a delicious breakfast of strawberries, blueberries, banana and a cereal bar topped of with a fresh glass of organic milk all while I had a cream with coffee and a bowl of vanilla pudding with wafer cookies and banana.  The banana part totally makes up for the cookies part, right?
  • What about when I let Kendall watch MMC while she eats?
  • Then there was the time where I had said, "Stop! Eating! Dog! Food!" one too many times and just let her eat it, you know so she could see how bad it really tastes. It backfired big time because she seemed to like it.
  • I have also been known to fill up Kendall's snack cup only to have  her feed said snacks to the dogs and I let it happen because she LOVES it and giggles the whole time. 
  • When I can tell that KP is thisclose to falling asleep in the car but we are about to pull into the driveway, I circle around and take the "long way" home until she does fall asleep so that I don't have to fight nap time.
  • Kendall has eaten animal crackers for breakfast before, a time or two.
  • If Kendall is in the playroom and being very quite I get nervous to go in there.  Not because I'm afraid of what she might be doing in there {that room is totally child proof} but because I'm afraid of disrupting her and making her want ME to come play too.
So there you have it. My nitty-gritty, dirty, little mom fails secrets.  And that's The Monday Real.

p.s. if you are craving more L.A.I.D. today you can pop on over to I Love You More Than Carrots, where I'm guest posting about my favorite thing in the world, box wine.


  1. I think I was there for the dog food eating. And by there, I mean HeyTelling with you. Which is like being there. Also? Kudos for admitting that sometimes it's just a matter of survival some days. It makes the whole mommy thing a little less scary for me...whenever it is I get around to it.

  2. I have done that with smith and the dog food. and totally give smith chocolates before dinner just to get him to shut up. truth.

  3. I don't have kids, but when I babysit my niece I give her gum, which my sister HATES (and my niece LOVES), and stuff her full of any candy or sweets we have laying around. But that's what aunts are for? Right?

  4. I am laughing so hard at getting nervous when she's quiet in the playroom!!!! Preaching to the choir, sister! I will like tiptoe past the living room when he's in there because ahhh I just have ONE more thing to do and if he sees me it's over. And banana pudding, I want to have breakfast at your house!!

  5. As I was reading this, I had to stop in the middle and tell my kid to stop picking up the dog poo in the back yard. Again.

  6. "Then there was the time where I had said, "Stop! Eating! Dog! Food!" one too many times and just let her eat it, you know so she could see how bad it really tastes. It backfired big time because she seemed to like it."

    I can totally see myself doing the same thing when my little man becomes mobile!

  7. This is so awesome! I love your openness to the reality of being a momma.

  8. You are not alone on the not wanting to disturb them because they will want your attention! I totally do that too!! :) and the naptime in the car...I'm guilty! I am so not above taking the long way home when it's close to naptime!!!

  9. totally have let K eat the dog food.
    And if I want to check on her I am super sneaky so I dont disturb her. It is my sanity time especially when she wont nap!

    this made my night, girl!


  10. I like B Jr watch MMC in the mornings so that I can get coffee and breakfast. I see nothing wrong with it ;)

  11. My sons are 12 and 14, so they are in school all day and I still get to be a SAHM, how lucky am I?!? Anyway, my mom *guilt* is for the weekends when I have them fix their own lunch, just because I do not want to. How bad is that? I only have two days a week that I actually have to cook lunch for them and I still don't wanna! *shame* I don't do it all the time, but still....

  12. FANtastic! the dog food cracks me up... and the not disturbing the playing child, so something I do, I mean, how else will I get through all of my emails? or put on mascara? or catch up on my TV?

  13. The same thing happened to me with the dog food. I thought, fine, eat it, see if I care. But that didn't stop her. She said "Mmmmmm mo?" Whoops. Also, the show while eatingthing? Can't say I'm proud of how many times that's happened here.