February 20, 2012

Lash On With Yo Badself

OK I just HAD to share this with you and NO it couldn't wait.
So I have been on the hunt for the perfect mascara since 2009, you can even read about it here.  I've pretty much tried every kind there is out there, joking {kind of}.  So when I started selling Avon I was bound to try every one they had till I found one that was PERFECT!  Why not?  I get to test out product so I can report back to customers and I get it at a GREAT price.
Well the first one I tried I didn't really care for.  It seemed like I had to use a lot to achieve the look I was going for and even then I wasn't pleased with the results.  I sucked it up and used the rest of the tube but {thankfully} I ran out last week.  YAY I get to try another product!!!  This time I went for the ExtraLasting Mascara.  The description said it would give flutter lashes, sounds good.  And the price?  $4.99 so it was cheaper than any drug store mascara out there!  Sold!
Ladies I was NOT disappointed this time!  No sir!  I was pleased beyond words.  In fact I should just let the pictures do the talking.

Pretty good, right?  I haven't even been using it for a week and I've already been asked if I'm wearing extensions or if I've been using Latisse or if I am naturally blessed.  As you can see from the photos, I am not naturally blessed, this mascara is just THAT good.  
So ok, what are you waiting for!?  Go getcha some!  Oh and if you do, holler because I'll hook it up with free shipping too.  You're welcome.


  1. Oh, I'm SOOOO gonna have to get me some of that! My Lash Stiletto costs me like $7 something...and well, it doesn't give me lashes like THAT!! Ugh, stupid drug store stuff.....I'll be placing an order soon!

  2. Hmmmmm...you may have me sold here.

  3. Total blog stalker here and I think you may have just sold me!

  4. let's visit my blog girls!

    xoxo ch.B

  5. Just so you know!!!!!

    It's a little bit more expensive, but, I live by, breathe for, and love with my entire being, MAC make up.. They have the most amazing mascara that I have ever had the pleasure of using!! It's called Zoom.

    Literally, one swipe application that lenthens, darkens, and seperates lashes.. I was amazed when I tried it for the first time.. I'll never use anything else, ever ever again.

    I'm glad you found something that worked for you!!

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