February 8, 2012

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
  • I was on the verge of tears over this whole blog situation.  BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC, kiss-on-the-mouth THANKS to Jess for figuring this all out for me. Seriously she is a God send.  A blogging dream come true.  And she's got the damn cutest blog designs out there.  Seriously!  Check her out!
  • I only ran 2.10 miles last night instead of 3.10.  I had to get this SWW post up and watch another episode of Sons of Anarchy
  • .I keep alternating between a center alignment and left justified.  I just can't figure out what looks best on this not so new new layout.
  • I've been a total slacker at work all week. Knowing the end is near does not make for a very motivated employee.
  • I am trying to figure out if I need to order anything before my last day.  You know, while I still get a 40% discount and all...
  • I fed my family Hamburger Helper for dinner last night.  It was hot and required little effort on my part {see bullet 2}.  It's so not my norm and I don't condone such behavior but sometimes it's damn necessary.
  • I'd chose Adam Levine over David Beckham {even though Becks H&M super bowl ad was HOTT}. But let's face it, I'd let either of them eat crackers in the bed.



  1. Totally chose adam over the becks any day!

  2. I am so with you on the Adam thing...I love him!

  3. Beckham for realz. He's got more meat.... On his bones or boner ! What did I just twit that 😳 yes I did

  4. "I'd let either eat crackers in my bed" that is too funny.

  5. Hi! I commented yesterday - I think I figured out how to allow you to email me? New kid on the blogging block (although I've been lurkinggg forever) :)

    Anyways I ordered the mark tinted moisturizer you suggested, excited to try it out because I've really liked mark in the past and it's wayyy more wallet friendly than my usual Laura Mercier. I'm also trying magix face perfector.

    Glad your blog drama is sorted I was like noooo when I tried to read and it had disappeared!

  6. I would let either one in my bed..no questions :)

  7. Those two are some yummy eye candy. How would I even choose???

  8. Glad your blog issues got worked out finally!

    Is it sad I wouldn't take Adam or Becks? I just don't see it! I think its the tats.

  9. Totally stole this idea from you and wrote my own so what wednesday!


  10. I heart Adam Levine!! Do you watch The Voice?!!!

    (Yay for getting the blog back up!!! I know I'm excited!)

  11. We had hamburger helper tonight! I added a side of broccoli and peas(from a can) to make it seem more like a meal. It was actually pretty good and easy and cheap. I think I might add it to our weekly menu, ha ha!

  12. Wow...that picture of Adam just made my lady parts tingle. Glad you got your blog all fixed! I don't know what i'd do without LAID!

  13. I'd take either of the two of those fine men! Hottttttttt!

  14. I posted about that David Beckham H&M commercial.....I was seriously drooling.


    But like you, I definitely wouldn't kick either out of my bed for sure!!!! Glad that your blog issues are fixed - I would so miss your posts!

  15. I did cry over my blog situation! It was just such a bad feeling, even though I'm new, that I couldn't log on and blog whenever I wanted to.

    I'm glad we're both just about out of this mess!

    - Val (Knot Tied Down)