February 15, 2012

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
  • I still have some Christmas decorations out.  Jimmy used my storage container for his "side job" and now it's dead to me.  So until we venture out and get a new one we still have a village on the bookshelves.
  • I got asked to do two guest blog posts on two different blogs and I'm SO NERVOUS.  Sure I've been blogging  {almost} every day for 3 years and have my own style and following but these ladies are ones I respect as bloggers and admire.  So intimidating.  I just hope I can do their blogs justice.
  • I have no fullness sensor when it comes to pasta {and pizza for that matter}.  I just eat and eat and eat until I'm so stuffed I can't breathe.  
  • My birthday is coming up rather quickly and I haven't thought about a single thing I want.
  • Now that I'm a SAHM I'm realizing just how much time I put into blogging.  It's a lot dudes.
  • We got a new laptop over the weekend but I've yet to use it.  I'm still typing away on our tiny netbook.
  • Jimmy and I didn't really do anything for Valentine's day.  We have this new financial situation on our hands so big plans just didn't fit in the budget.
  • I did manage to make a delicious ravioli bake for Valentine's dinner but forgot the bread sticks.  I remembered the wine.



  1. You covered the most important part of the meal: wine.

    Also? Blogging does take up a lot of time. But what's more? I'm so behind on reading I have something like 500 entries. Your blog, though, is at 0.

  2. All you need is wine! Glad you remembered that!

  3. For Valentine's Day my husband bought me(pregnant) a six pack of Bud Light Lime. He said he would share one with me. Isn't he romantic?

  4. Oh man I am the same way with pizza. There is no stopping me...

  5. We didnt do much for Vday either! and I'm obsessed with pasta and pizza too. Its baaaad!

  6. My hubby and I never go out ON Valentine's Day either. Way too busy and the restaurants jack up the prices so much! We stayed home, made dinner, and watched the movie "Courageous". Have you seen it? If not, you should!

  7. We didn't do much for yesterday's holiday either. Just some pizza and a card :) I often wonder how much more time I'd have to blog if I didn't work...I can only imagine! HA! And yay for guest posts!

  8. I'm so impressed with the christmas decor. hahahaha. I thought I was bad until the end of January. ;) Oh and I got your email lady--I can do it, just need a few days. My house is a disaster and it needs to be "2-hour-ready" in case of showings. Once I get it to that place (soon) then I will be happy to sit down and do your little side bar thingy.

  9. So what if I spent $20 on that new Oil of Olay facial hair remover 4 weeks ago because I desperately needed it and have yet to use it. Happy valentine's day, husband! I did get my avon stuff and loveeee the Mark tinted moisturizer so thanks for the tip :)

  10. Shannon- your SWWis the highlight of my Wedevery week!!! I need to get better at writing my SWW post in advance so I can always link up!!! Don't worry we just took down Christmas decor last weekend to put out Valentine's day gear! Lol