April 9, 2012

Friends Forever

Friday night I had a girls night with my two best girls.  We met for mexi and margs {special occasion?} and did some baby shower crafting.  It was a quiet night, much different than girls nights of the past, but it was just what I needed, a night alone with my best friends.
These girls and I have been friends for 24 and 13 years, gosh that makes me feel old.  Sometimes we go a while without seeing each other, too long if you ask me, but every time we get together it's like no time has passed at all.  We just instantly click and pick up right where we left off, every time.
We have seen each other at our highest highs and lowest lows.  We've been through three weddings, 3 {almost 4} babies, countless hair styles, and more laughs and cries {both good and bad} than I can count on both hands and feet.  These friendships are what life is about.

I was driving home Friday night {alone, so peaceful} and I was just so truly grateful for these two ladies.  I know that, no matter what, I can call on them to lift me up when I'm feeling bad, share my joys, and the same goes for them.  I felt such pride and happiness that night.  Pride because these kinds of friendships are hard to come by, especially these days.
I hope that everyone has at least one friend like this.  Lucky for me, I have two.


  1. Friends like that are to be cherished, for sure. Glad you got out Friday!

  2. Those are the type of friends you never let go.

  3. So how's that no booze for 30 days thing working out for you?

    I love you how do a post about no booze and then the next post is about drinking margaritas, that's totally me.

    Maybe you should have said you were going to limit your booze instead of no booze at all.

    I bet you had fun though!

  4. How awesome!! :) I have two amazing GFs too! They are awesome and I'm so grateful to have good girlfriends. :)

  5. GF are amazing!!! They can life u for sure and the "few" times we get to spend with them make it worth it!! Great time!!!

  6. so sweet! and I'll say it again..blonde Shannon is HOT!

  7. It's almost silly how hard it really is to come by friends like this. So glad you were able to sneak out for a girls night! I'm in dire need of one as well :)