April 6, 2012

Yes, You Read That Right

I don't know if I should laugh or be concerned about the number of sweet comments I got in sympathy for my 30 No Alcohol Experiment. I know my mom thinks I'm a drunk and need to attend AA meetings and so she was happy to hear I was giving up the sauce for a month-ish.  But you girls, you are just as much of a lush as I am.  Some of you said you'd drink for me while others told me how cray-cray I am for even attempting such an experiment.  Others of you asked if I am pregnant, ::eyeroll::.  No!  I am not.
The reason behind said 30 day experiment, is it weird that I refer to it as an experiment?, is the same reason behind Firm Friday, to get fit!  Let's face it, even before Kendall was a blip on our radar I had a pooch.  It was nothing to be ashamed of and looking back it was hardly even noticeable but it has always been my problem area. I can tone up my ass, firm up the thighs, hell I can even make the chicken flapper arms less flabby but the tummy always gives me hell.  I hear that alcohol causes, increases, doesn't help you get rid of belly fat.
So I'm giving up my beloved to see if it helps.  30 days is nothing when compared to the 9 months I gave it up when I was pregnant, right?  The rules won't be as strict this time though.
I mean The Husband can be so silly at times.
I mean the goal is 30 days with NO alcohol BUT if there happens to be a special occasion or my husband gets a bur up his ass and decides to take me to the winery for a vineyard tour, I'll have a glass or five for celebratory purposes, you know.
I'm not only cutting alcohol but I'm getting back to MyFitnessPal app.  I mean I've slacked long enough and the scale shows it.  So it's back to strict 1200 calories and working out more days than not, so hopefully that means four days a week.
Oh another thing that spurred this dedication?  This little baby.
Oh, yes I did.  I mainly got this for the motivation.  If I see this cute little chevron stripe bikini hanging in the closet I'll want to wear it.  In order to wear it I have to 1. eat better 2. exercise more 3. get a tan.  So that's my motivational bikini.  I will wear it this summer, even if it means water for dinner and one beer, glass of wine, cocktail a week.  I will wear it.

p.s. only a couple more days to enter the book giveaway from Brandy Bruce!  Who doesn't love free books?


  1. That bikini is to die for! I'm not spending any money on a new one this year....I have WAY too many that didn't get any love last year that I'm excited to get my {skinny} butt into this year! Eeek...I can't believe I just said that. LOL!

  2. I love love love that Chevron bikini! I need to get back on MFP too, I've totally slacked with it. As for the no alcohol, good for you, you will not even miss it!

  3. You are a brave brave woman! I don't drink a lot these days, but I don't think I could cut it off for 30 days!

    Love the bathing suit too! I was thinking of trying on the cute one I bought last year (wishful thinking) for motivation... but I'm a wee bit nervous! Haha. You got this girl!

  4. Love the bathing suit! Hopefully next year for me! I admit I was one of the people who said I'd drink for you. I'll be holding to that this coming week while I am out of town.

  5. You rock mama!! You an totally do this!!! And you will rock that awesome chevron bikini no doubt!! ;)

  6. I'll pray for you. ;)

    You'll do fine, the only time I have trouble is when I go out for HH or dinner, I always want a little cocktail then...well who am I kidding, I enjoy my nightly adult bevie.

  7. Get it girl! You can do it!

    I'll have plenty for you, so no worries. :)

  8. Girlfriend...I SO need to give up wine and eat better too. Its just so damn hard!! Love that bikini though. I don't think I could ever rock a two-peice again, but maybe I should buy one just for the motivation :-)

  9. I will drink one for you but only after I finish my chocolate birthday cake....oh I'm suppose to be on a diet this spring too, you said?

    Hmmm...I'm taking a free pass for my birthday weekend but you go get it girl. You're going to look fab.

  10. you get it girl! i've got to get back on the whole fit train as well. things be getting way too jiggly over here.

    good luck with the no drinking thing. ;)

  11. You can do it!!! Cutting the booze out totally makes a difference. Thanks for reminding me about that app. I use to use it and loved it but somehow I lost it!

  12. 30 days? That is a terrible terrible idea. Cute bikini though!


  13. Oh my goodness this cracked me up! You can do it! 30 days is nothing girl! You got this!