June 1, 2012

June Sponsors

You guys I have lots of new faces around here this month and I'm SO excited about each and every one!  I hope you take the time to stop by and tell them "HI!" and give them some real L.A.I.D. love!

Have a party coming up?  Maybe you just want some super cute stationery.  Maybe your BFF just had a baby and you want to get a gift that isn't lame.  Well hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog!  Little Laws Prints is your shop.  From invitations, to birth announcements, to party banners, to coloring pages {yes coloring pages!} we've got you covered.  In fact, Little Laws Prints is going to make Kendall's Doe-rah birthday a little less character-y with a cute aDORAble theme.  Cute, right?!  I mean if anyone can help me get through my first character/theme birthday party it's LLP.  So, yeah, please go order stuff.  NOW!

Hi, I’m Leah and I write LovelyLifeofLeah, a lifestyle blog about enjoying the little things... those are what big things in life are made of.  I started LovelyLifeofLeah in 2009 to tell people about all the awesomeness I'm constantly discovering. I'm a mom, but this is not a mom blog.  I'm a little bit like you, but also a little bit different from you too. I'm a single mom, who works, who loves to travel, and go to concerts. I'm a mom who dresses bright and colorful, and who has a super cool boyfriendI have over ten years professional experience in corporate and social event planning. Not that it has anything to do with this blog, but more often than not, I turn my life into a party. And through this blog, you are each invited. To contact me, please email leahwinstead*at*yahoo.com

"Hi! I'm Brittany. I'm a city gal who's lived in Massachusetts her whole life but my heart will always be with the beach where I grew up on the Cape. I began blogging to document weight loss goals but instead it's really become more about my life and family! I just went "public" so now everyone close to me has access to my blog, which has been a little scary, but definitely rewarding. My blog, First Comes Love, is meant to give a glimpse into what it's like trying to balance losing weight, planning a wedding, and everything else that follows. Come visit! "

Hey y’all I’m Jess! I blog over at Living On Sweet Tea. I’m a good little southern girl (wink, wink) making her way through life in a big city with a country heart. I blog about making our first house a home and what happens when a tornado of a dog and a little Southern Comfort and sarcasm get thrown into the mix.  

Hi, I'm Brittany from Not So Newlyweds!
Our blog was created to share our life events with family and friends, but over time has evolved into so much more!
Living in Columbus, Ohio, my husband J and I pay homage to the stereotype and are fanatics for anything Ohio State Buckeyes. When not decked out in scarlet and grey (and sometimes when we are!), you can find me in my fourth year of teaching fourth grade and J working on a for a certain huge university in Columbus. We currently do not have any real children but are madly in love with our two furbabies, Oliver (mini goldendoodle) and Wembley (orange cat, who thinks he is a dog).
Some quick info bytes about us: I can't cook unless it's in a Crock-Pot. In my previous life, I was a party planner and interior designer. I always strive to become a better teacher. I love to learn. I am addicted to Pinterest and the blogosphere.
J is amazed by the amount of great-tasting dishes a crock-pot can produce even though he is an amazing cook! He hates large parties and would be happy with bare walls as long as there was a computer and an internet connection (and his lovely wife). J is addicted to technology, from calculators to supercomputers, am I'm lucky to have figured out how to blog.
Follow us in our adventures as {Not So} Newlyweds!

Hey y'all! I'm Rachel, the girl behind {simple.little.joys}! I'm super thrilled to be sponsoring L.A.I.D for June--she's one of my favorite bloggers and of course, the coolest/hottest Momma out there. A little about me--I started my blog two years ago as a way to "scrapbook" my last semester of college…and it's grown into such a HUGE part of my life. I blog about anything and everything under the sun--from goings on in my life with friends, family, and my love to Pinterest-inspired recipes and DIY projects! Beyond all of those fun, fabulous things, I also blog about the ups and downs of my weight loss journey! I'm 81 pounds down, and still working hard at it every day! I aspire more than anything to be a "runner," so my next big feat will be a second 5K. Come visit {simple.little.joys} for a little bit of everything--I can't promise to always be insightful, but I do promise to always be entertaining! Stop by and stay a while! 

Hi there! I’m Kelly and I blog over at Today Was A Fairytale.  I’m a 20-something full time Administrative Assistant.  I’m the oldest of three kids and love having such a close family even if they live 9 hours away.  On June 30th I will be walking down the aisle and marrying my amazing fiancĂ© and best friend.  In March I finished school getting my Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration.  Graduation isn’t until the middle of June but it sure feels good to be done.  With school being finished I’m enjoying having more time to relax and have already made it through about four books on the long “to-read” list I’ve built up for the last four years of being in school.  Yes, it took me four years to do a two year degree because I was working full time and only able to take one or two classes a quarter.  I love country music, photography, baking, shopping and spending time with my amazing group of friends.  Come follow along as we get married and start our lives as newlyweds, buy a house and start our family.

Hi! I'm Crystal from Life As a Seed! I guess you could describe me as a Mom/Wife/blogger/watcher of too much reality TV in my late 20's(...whoa! I think that's the first time I've ever said/written that!!) Anyways, I blog about life in general. The happenings around this crazy little family of mine. Our daughter. Our house hunting craziness that will hopefully soon be at an end. Everything you could possibly think of. You will see lots and lots of pics of my little girl, and hear lots of ramblings about my life of marriage and love. I hope you will stop by soon and say hi! I can't wait to meet you!

I am a stay at home Mom of an adorable 3 year old boy and married to a great guy.  I was a National Sales Rep for many years before deciding to change careers before our son arrived.  I do part time work as a Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Independent Consultant for Thirty-One Products and most recently a Brand Partner for NeriumAD. NeriumAD is a face cream that you use every night.  The results have been amazing.  NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment was formulated to improve the appearance of:
Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Skin Texture
Aging or Sun-Damaged Skin
It is ideal for all skin types.  Non-Comedogenic and Paraben Free.
The great thing about NeriumAD is that when you buy this product as a Preferred Customer and get 3 friends or family to buy, you get your product for free the following month and then the same thing goes for your family and friends once they get 3.  In addition, the company offers a 30 day Money Back Guarantee, so try it now and you'll see the amazing results that others have too.

Go to my website to see the real results at http://believein.nerium.com.

Hi! I'm Jenn, and I am a Lead Consultant with Scentsy & Velata {a new brand of Scentsy}. I've been selling Scentsy since February 2012
and Velata since it was released this past May, and I love them both.
I have a lot of fun "working" at home parties, and getting basket parties ready for you to take to work or share with friends and family on your own time.
It's the perfect part-time "job" that works around being a mom, wife, and working full time as a caseworker!
I make really good money, and I don't have to be pushy at all because the products are so great they sell themselves.
and as for Velata, do I have to say more then chocolate and wine?!
Scentsy has so many great Summer scents but I must tell you that Lush Gardenia is one of my favorite scents.
We also have a College collection so that you can support your favorite team or player, and hey all you Buckeye fans!!!!! .....the Ohio State warmer is I being released TODAY!!! 
The Ohio State warmer would be a perfect gift for fathers day or just that perfect touch to your buckeye room and its just $35!!!!
If you or anyone you know could use some extra monthly income, I'd love to talk to you about the blessing that Scentsy has been for my family.
E-mail me anytime at jennylynn.sommer at gmail.com
Velata { http:JennSommer.Velata.Us }
Go Scentsy and Go Buckeyes!!

Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Co-Worker.


Just because life pulls you in 10 different directions doesn't mean that you can't look good while going there! According to L comes to you in two fabulous ways: accessory design and blogging banter.
According to L designs and creates hair accessories for all ages and events. Whether you are the professional looking for the sweetest little photography prop to add for your clients, the mom wanting to dress up your daughters, or the woman who wants to hold their “Saturday-morning hair” off their face while running errands and still looking fabulous.

My blog is an extension of the beauties I create, but also includes nuggets from my real-life, kitchen, craft room and the hat-rack I've got on my shoulders.


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