June 27, 2012


When the kind people at Klutchclub contacted me I was all, "Klutch what?".  And then they proceeded to tell me that they have a health and wellness box that they send out every month.  Ok, Ok, I'm listening. These boxes are worth over $50 and only cost $16-18 a month!  You get all kinds of cool things like fitness products, supplements, and skincare products! Pretty cool if you ask me!  
This months box came and I was pretty excited!

I just had the Think Thin bars today {on my way to story time} and I loved it!  So good and only 190 calories so it was a substantial breakfast.  But...the coconut water?  I'm not on board.  I've heard so many good things about coconut water and my all time favorite Big Brother cast mate, Danielle, used to rave about it on the show but this is something I cannot get in to.  Sorry.  I am excited to use my $25 off coupon to Moving Comforts though, mama needs a new sports bra!
Right now if you use code KLUTCHfriend you can get 10% off your membership, whether you pick one month or a year!  How cool is that?
Make sure you check them out on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on any promos or discounts {like free lip balm}!



  1. damn girl, better deal than birchbox for sure! and i love coconut water (even though some ppl say it tastes like sweat). It's totally like sushi, you love it or hate it :)

  2. I so agree about coconut water! I wanted to love it, and I've tried all kinds of varieties but I just can't get into the taste. I think it tastes really soapy. Yuck!

  3. Coconut water is nasty by itself, but I've used it in smoothies and it's really good that way! It's very hydrating after a workout.