June 28, 2012

Life in an Instagram

It's time for My Life in an Instagram again.  Seriously love this link-up because I take so many pictures with Instagram and a lot of you wouldn't probably see some of these if it weren't for this little weekly share-fest.  Thanks to Liz for hosting!
1.  My amazing, super cute, new stationery thanks to Little Laws Prints.   Don't you just love them?  Who wants mail?  I need a reason to send these bad boys!
2. My OOTD last Friday for my brother-in-laws wedding.  Dress- Macy's Juniors dept Shoes- Target {courtesy of my mama} Clutch- Fashion to Figure.  I felt pretty cute that night.
3.  My sticker obsessed child.  This happens on the daily here, literally. 
4.  My BFFs brand new baby girl Norah!  Isn't she perfect? That little nose?  Gah I didn't want to leave her. Thank God we're going to see her this weekend.
5.  Amazing pool that we went to last week and are going back to today.  I mean this is just the kid area, the adult area is just as cool.  
6.  Sweetest text Jimmy has ever sent me.  Kendall was pulling out all her smarts last night when he came home from work and when he went to take a shower this is what I got.  Melt.
7. Have you tried this creamer?  I hadn't and I'm always nervous to buy the jumbo bottle on my first go round but this stuff is legit.  YUM-BO!
8.  Avon has a children's line called Tiny Tillia and I've been wanting to buy KP some of the body wash but we've literally still been stocked from my baby shower so I've had no reason to.  Until now. This stuff came in the mail yesterday and I couldn't wait to give her a bath!  Smells.so.good.  {and it's tear free}.  Even Jimmy noticed how good she smelled after her bath last night.
9.  Girlfriends hair is getting long! I love her hair even if she has a baby mullet.  When I was pregnant I had a dream about her and she had blonde, curly hair and was super chubby.  Guess you could say she's a dream come true.



  1. awww super duper sweetness! I cannot wait to see your faces in two weeks! AH!

  2. Ahh baby Norah is so cute! Love that name.

  3. Love it! You have about the sweetest husband ever! If Nate ever send a text like that, I'd think someone stole his phone!
    Thanks for linking up!

  4. Loving those shoes you are wearing in picture 2! And KP's curls are too adorable! I so wish I had her hair color!

  5. Aww what a super sweet text from Jimmy. And KP just keeps getting cuter and cuter, LOVE the blonde curls! :-)

  6. Coul you be any cuter?? Nope I dont think so!!!! Man that text from Jimmy was so sweet...you guys are ALL too cute!

  7. Aww such a cutie! And I love the new stationary set as well. It's adorable.

    I'm your newest follower! Come check me out at preppypremed.blogspot.com. Thanks :)

  8. I won the Little Laws giveaway and picked chevron after seeing yours :)


  9. Cinnabon creamer is the bomb. Followed by York Peppermint Patty creamer. Sweet husband texts are the best. And validation that you're a good mommy is such a good thing to hear, right?

  10. That is the cutest text EVER! What a compliment from the hubs!! And K's hair is getting so long! She makes me melt! Love her!

  11. I just signed up for instagram last week but have yet to use it.

  12. Haha...I love KP all stickered up! :)

  13. Oh my gosh, I love sending snail mail and I love that stationairy! What a great choice!! I need to check them out.