June 25, 2012

Summer Must Haves

Perhaps "must haves" isn't the best term but these are some products that get me through the summer months.  Things I love that make my summer better, me prettier, and my home smell great.
I am so glad to be back to my roots blonde this summer.  Blondes have more fun, right?  Especially in the summer. Just something about blonde hair and bronze skin that makes me happy.  Superficial?  Yes, absolutely.  But one thing that is not awesome about being blonde in the summer, and there's just one reason, is discoloration from swimming and such.  No one likes blonde with a tint of chlorine green, no one.  That's where Aveda Blue Malva comes in.
This stuff is bomb.com.  If you are blonde just trust me and run to your closest Aveda store or order it online NOW.  I started using it when our water softener broke and our water had tons of iron in it, causing my hair to have a tint of orange in it.  No bueno.  I bought this stuff and instantly noticed a difference.  Now I use it about once a week and the day I use it I can always tell that my hair is brighter, blonder.  Love.

Pretty sure I've already shared my love for this before but it's worth repeating.  I love love love bronzer.  I just started using it about a year ago and find myself asking why it took so long.  It just gives you such a nice glow and makes the need for foundation almost nonexistent.  I've tried a couple over the past year but Avon's Glowdacious by mark is my favorite, and I'm not just saying that.
This stuff is awesome because of it's 3 tone color.  You just swirl your brush around all three colors and swipe over your whole face.  Better yet?  It's got just a little bit of shimmer which I LOVE.  I definitely don't leave home without this in the summer.
Because I am not a fan of skin cancer, and being a toddler mom doesn't leave much time for laying out poolside, I have been forced to do the fake bake.  And no I'm not talking about tanning beds, who do I look like, Tan Mom?  Anywho, I've tried a slew of lotions, some smell, some leave you streaky or worse yet, orange.  No gracias.  Well welcome to your life L'Oreal Sublime.
It is the best for instant gratification.  It's bronze in color which helps eliminate the "did I put some there?" factor.  It works almost immediately too, this is the stuff I use if I have somewhere to go today or am wearing neon pink shorts right now.  It's bees knees and doesn't smell too bad.  I remember I used it when I was pregnant and people couldn't believe my "glow" and literally asked if I had been tanning.   As if!

Scentsy is all the rage right now, if you haven't picked up a warmer and at least 5 scents by now you are living in a cave.  Truth.  It's perfect for mamas of toddlers because it doesn't warm above body temperature so there is no risk of burning or catching your house on fire.  Win, win.  I recently bought a bunch of summer scents and I'm so glad I did.  My house smells like the beach, summer, tropical vacations every day.
Skinny Dippin, Coconut Lemon Chiffon, Coconut Lemongrass, and Camu Camu are four of my favorites I've picked up this year.  I think it's safe to say I'm addicted and think everyone needs to own at least one, if not all, of these scents.  Lucky for me Jimmy loves this stuff too so I don't get in trouble for buying more!more!more!

So those are some of my summer must-haves!  What are you loving this summer?

Speaking of summer must haves, you MUST have a camera to document all your fun summer-ness.  Well head over to GroopDealz {one of my favorite discount sites!} and enter to win a Nikon D3100 DSLR!  The contest ends tomorrow at noon so go NOW!



  1. I LOVE Scentsy. I love everything about it. I have about 3 in my house. That Mark makeup, with the 3 colors, I might have to check into that.. and grab some. The Aveda, I need something like that. What I am loving this summer is AIR CONDITIONER! It has been so flipping hot here that I don't want to be ANYWHERE in the heat. Blech.

  2. We love the same Tanning Lotion. I also tried the Banana Boat spray, I did like it, and the smell was much better but it didn't last as long.

    I have the same Scentsy scents, except Coconut Chiffon that is on my list for June.

    Bronzer is a must!

  3. I am the one living in the cave. Scentsy is so super appealing to me, but I've not jumped on the boat to give it a try. Yet. I guess the one thing that keeps me from going for it is the clean-up. How easy is it to switch out scents? I remember "back in the day" I would burn the Yankee tarts in their burners and cleaning/changing scents was a real PITA.

    Are these the same way?

  4. I'm going to buy that self tanner cream today! Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Sublime bronze is my FAVORITE! I truly love any Aveda hair product. I am not blonde, but I use their damage remedy shampoo/cond and it has done wonderful things for my yucky hair! Thanks for sharing all your must haves! I might have to try this bronzer!

  6. Scentsy is also food grade wax. Which means that I didn't freak out too much when Logan stuck one of my samples in his mouth yesterday... :)

  7. That bronzer looks awesome!

    Have you ever warmed Kahiko Hula? It is my new favorite Scentsy for the summer!

  8. I feel like I'm seeing the Aveda Blue Malva everywhere. A little hair color boost is always appreciated!

    I'm going to a Scentsy party tomorrow and am totally lost as to which scents to buy. Thanks for the recommendations!

  9. Bronzers are definitely in!Especially in summer, we need lots of spf to protect from sunny sun.Thanks for recommending these products!AML

  10. I love Bronzer!!! It's my summer go to.

    Btw, did you recieve my email? I had a few questions for you.. Could you email me? - heatheragibson@yahoo.com