July 2, 2012

Party Time!

OK ladies!  You are in for a treat! My Scentsy sponsor Kim has asked me to host a blog party and I'm happy to do so because Scentsy is a product that I {and Jimmy} love so much! The smells are incredible, the fact that they are safe to use around Kendall makes me feel good and the warmers are so stylish.
I love Scentsy so much that we have warmers in the kitchen, Kendall's room, our room and a plug in in our bathroom.  Yes, we are obsessed.  I've blogged about my love for this stuff before but you have to try it for yourself and you'll be sold!  
Maybe you already have a warmer {or 3} and need some new scents?  Well now is the time because the summer smells are out of this world!  Some of my favorites are White Sands, Camu Camu, Skinny Dippin, Coconut Lemon Chiffon and Blueberry Cheesecake {perfect for the kitchen!}.
Oh and I am offering ONE lucky customer not one but TWO free scent bars {of your choice} with their purchase!  So what are you waiting for?
We make perfect scents!
Please join in shopping my online catalog party for Scentsy!

Scentsy is a system of warmers with scented wax to make your home smell fresh & inviting.
6 Reasons Scentsy is better than a Candle:
By not burning the wax as a traditional candle would - you are not you releasing soot or other chemicals into the air
The scent bars last about 60-80 hours, which outlasts candles three times their size
If spilled, the wax is warm - but not hot enough to scald or burn anyone
No flame, No smoke
Warmers range from $20-$35, and the scent bars are $5 each
So many choices - you can mix and match scents and your home decor

 We also have Scent Circles for your car
Travel Tin scents for your car
Scented Room Spray
and Scent Packs that you can put in drawers or in these little guys for your children's room.

Also, we are introducing our Layers Products - bath & laundry products!  

Please take some time to shop these fabulous products, and consider making a purchase for your home.
There are some great Combine & Save packages to get you started!

It's also Bring Back My Bar Month!  Basically these scents are only available this month so if you love them you better jump on this opportunity!  Fried Ice Cream anyone?  YUM!

If you have any questions, please contact:
Kim Hawkins
Independent Scentsy Consultant

A little bit about your consultant, Kim is the author of Faith Grace & Giggles and Momma Hawk Cooks. She has two young sons, with a unique story about how their family came to be. While staying at home full time with James & Tyler - Kim wanted to be able to make some extra income to support some activities (like zoo memberships & children's museum memberships) so she joined Scentsy in February 2012. In my first month, I more than doubled my investment and got promoted. I love these products and am thrilled to be able to share them with friends. If any of you are looking for some extra income, I'd be thrilled to add you to my team. Feel free to email me or go to this link for some more information.



  1. Also, the Warner of the Month is 10% off and has adorable flip flops on it! The scent of the month is Lemon & Berries - think strawberry lemonade!! So yummy!

  2. Scentsy is AMAZING! People come over and always ask if I'm baking something. I'm like no way! It's Scentsy :) I love the plug in warmers. I have several around my apt. I highly recommend Scentsy. So much better (and safer) than traditional candles.

  3. I love Scentsy!
    I just found an old warmer in the back of my linen closet and have busted it out.