July 2, 2012


OK dare I say I'm getting excited for this aDORAble fiesta I'm planning for Kendall's 2nd birthday?  I mean it's literally combining my favorite thing {Mexican food} and Kendall's favorite thing {Doe-rah} so we can't go wrong, right?
Kendall is going to love it, I just know it.  She has no idea what's in store but I can hardly contain my excitement just anticipating her excitement.  Wow, did that even make sense?
I wanted to give a sneak peek of some of the things I'm working on starting with the birthday girl's attire.
Deana over at Isabella Inspired had me at hello.  I had been searching and searching and searching Etsy for months looking for an aDORAble tee {in the back of my mind I knew we were going to end up with a Dora party months ago} and the tees that are out there are pathetic.  I mean there are a few cute ones but for the most part they are either super cheesy or just plain bad.  
I had two requirements when it came to the birthday girl's tee: 1. it must say her name {obvi} and 2.it must have the number 2 on it. When I found Isabella Inspired she had the CUTEST Dora tee out there but I was a little bummed because the tee pictured wasn't monogrammed.  I shot her a quick email and asked if we could add her name and BAM!  She delivered.
Are you dying?  
I wish I could share a picture of Kendall in it but I'm afraid if I put it on her she'll never take it off. I did show it to her and said "babe this is your birthday tee" to which she proceeded to sing Happy Birthday and now whenever she sees it she says "happy?"  Yes, I think it's safe to say she loves it. Obviously.
Deana is so sweet that she wanted to offer all Life After I "Dew" readers a 10% discount THIS WEEK ONLY!  Use code DEW10 during checkout.
Girls she's got birthday tees {for boys and girls}, hair bows, tag blankets, and ruffle outfit sets so please go and check out her shop. She's easy to work with, fast at shipping and the quality speaks for itself!  I cannot say enough good things about this shop.


  1. OMG! that is cool! I want to copy it for my 23rd! haha. I love dora and mexican food - perfect!
    That tee is gorgeous!!!

  2. I am excited for you!! KP is just going to LOVE it!!!!

  3. LOVE the shirt! How cute!

  4. Thanks for sharing lady! We are in the midst of planning for September...so any $$ off is a good thing!!!!!

  5. That bday tee is a-Dora-ble. ;)

  6. Kp is going to love it like no other!

  7. That is soo cute, KP is going to look adorable!

  8. DIDNT you have a shirt made by Deana for Kendall when she was an infant? I SAW it here a long time ago and Got one for Anika too! Then, I have gone on to buy more shirts for other little kids from Deanna :) I LOVE THEM. This Dora shirt is so cute and not too,well DORA! :)

  9. This is going to be living proof of a character party done right.

  10. AHHH!! This is just so adorable...my niece is obsessed with Dora, I'll send my sister that way. Thanks!