July 27, 2012

The Real Me

I've seen this floating around on lots of blogs lately and thought I'd give it a go, you know since I don't have anything else for today.  So here goes nothing.

If you really knew me...
  • You'd know I rub my tongue across the back of my teeth when I'm trying to keep myself from crying.  I don't know why but it helps, I swear.  I used to yawn to prevent the waterworks but an old boyfriend caught on to that and called me out.
  • You'd know that history, geography, science and math are not my strong points.  There's a story behind all this that only the people that really know me know.
  • You'd know that I got arrested when I was 15 for underage drinking in a public park.  That I was on house arrest for 3 months, had to attend 8 AA meetings and serve community service.  Yep.
  • You'd know I have two middle names and two last names.  Well now that I'm married I only have one last name but until then I had two, legally.
  • You'd know that I've had the same BFF since kindergarten. We are like sisters and I cherish that friendship as much as my marriage.
  • You'd know I've never played Monopoly and don't know any card games besides Go Fish, Solitaire, and Skip-Bo.
  • You'd know I fall asleep any time I go to the movie theater.  This happened before I became a mom too so I can't even blame it on that.
  • You'd know I'm a lot less funny in person than I am on this, here blog. Lame is, in fact, a better word.
  • You'd know my favorite movies growing up were Dirty Dancing and Three Men and a Baby. 
  • You'd know that I am deaf in my right ear and have to wear ear plugs to take a shower.  I have a hole in my left eardrum now so we'll see where that goes. 
  • You'd know that my first car was a yellow VW Beetle.
  • You'd know that I HATE those awful emails where you stare at something for a minute and then BAM something scary jumps out.  But I love scary movies.
  • You'd know that I can fold my tongue into the shape of a W.
  • You'd know that I am the worlds worst singer but I love to belt out a good tune at the top of my lungs.
  • You'd know that I'd never drive a mini-van.  Ever.  I don't care how many kids I have.
  • You'd know that if I won a trip to Japan or China I'd straight give it away.  Wouldn't even make someone pay me for it.  Hell I might pay them to take it.
  • You'd know that I call my dad's mom Grandma Bella, she calls me Tootsie-Bella, Kendall calls her GG Bella.
How many of those did you know?



  1. I hate mini-vans too!!!! Also, I love your picture in this post, so fun and cute!

  2. I would never go to Japan or China either. No interest in them.

    I wouldn't mind a mini van, with all the upgrades. I feel like I'd be able to drive it better.

  3. I'm with you on not ever driving a mini van. I absolutely refuse to even let the thought of it enter my mind!

  4. I've always wanted to ask, what happened with your right ear? Was it something that you were born with or something that happened over time. Just curious, I've seen you mention it a few times.

  5. I'm strangely excited to try the no-crying trick.

    I cannot believe you've never played Monopoly. Shocking!

    I get pissed when I fall for those scary jump-out emails. People are mean.

    Not in the movie theater, but every single time I put a movie on at home fall asleep. Night or day.

  6. I don't know any card games either! I just have no interest in learning any.

    I kind of want a minivan. I KNOW.

  7. I know a few card games. But I haven't played any of them in years!
    I bought a mini van once. While it did have great gas mileage, I still wasn't pleased and ended up trading it in. You have a great blog!

  8. I wish I had a friend since K. I am so with you about the mini van too!

  9. I'd say I scored about a 65% on this. That makes me a little sad.

  10. Damn arrested at 15? You so badass.

  11. I love this!! I'm adding that teeth-rubbing trick to my repertoire! And arrested at 15? Badass!

  12. I would definitely give away a trip to China too. I have no desire to go there! I also don't know any card games, they kinda bore me.

  13. I press my tongue, hard, against the roof of my mouth to stop tears. (This works for sneezes, too.)

  14. haha, my husband refuses to drive a mini-van too! He said even if we have 8 kids, we'll just drive seperate cars to our destination!

  15. I cracked up at the Japan and China thing because I totally agree. No desire whatsoever!

    I've also never played Monopoly. It just doesn't even seem fun.

  16. The hole in the left ear sounds scary! I'm curious about the school subjects. Maybe you should share that story. I went to AA for extra credit in a high school class. Convinced me I wasn't an alcoholic!

  17. Those dumb emails used to get me all the time! They scared me so bad I'd just laugh at myself.

  18. Mini Van....NEVER!!

    Dirty Dancing is still a favorite of mine...nobody puts baby in a corner!!

  19. I was arrested at 19 for an MIP (drinking) had to go to AA meetings, counseling, etc...it was horrible. I was in a house and the cops came in. Now it's like a badge of honor but at the time, it sucked.

  20. Minivans! Never, ever, ever. Not happening.

  21. I got taken in for underage drinking and had to go to classes too.

  22. I HATE those freaky emails that pop out. I was in tears once in college because it scared me so bad! Love this blog post! May have to do one of my own {with props to you, of course}.

  23. the tongue across the top of the teeth... I am going to pay attention to see if I do that or not. and if I don't I will try it next time I need it! haha great post! loving your blog.

    Oh and I have been having problems with my google account, but it let me follow your blog via twitter through your GFC, who knew you could even do that?!

  24. Good Lord! I guess not seeing you for 12 years means that I have completely lost touch with who you REALLY are! We REALLY need to see each other and CATCH up!!! And, You may not know this about me, but I was arrested when I was 17 for MIP....but it wasn't alcohol :-/ hehehe!!!!

  25. I'm a little disappointed I didn't know more of these & the school one has me reallllly curious.

  26. this is a cute idea! i have a minivan and i love love love it! i think i've just been labeled.... ;)

    I'd go to Japan! Been fascinated ever since i read Memoirs of a Geisha. Super fabulous awesome book by the way!

    glad i got to know you a better!

  27. Fun! I am jealous that your first car was a yellow bug - that was seriously my DREAM car as a high school-er. My favorite movie was Dirty Dancing as a child (and Wizard of Oz - odd combo). I am with you on the no mini van thing!
    And I feel like I do some weird tongue thing to stop myself from crying... though in my current state of knocked-up-ness, it doesn't work!

  28. I do the same thing with my teeth to stop from crying!!! Crazy

    Also - I want to hear what your full name is please.