August 11, 2012

The Olympics

Hey ladies!  Today We have Megs here to talk to you about the Olympics.  You know, since I'm not watching and couldn't dare comment on them myself, I enlisted the best of the best for a L.A.I.D. style recap of the events of the summer.
Hey L.A.I.D. readers! My name is Meagan and I blog over at Megs7827

Shannon and I have been buddies for years now. I remember looking at all her wedding pictures. Now that I have a kiddo about a year younger than hers I'm always looking for advice. Giving and getting advice is why I'm such a fan of blogging. Stop by my blog if you are looking for advice. Tuesdays we talk about mom advice. Sometimes I need fashion advice or offer hair tips. The rest of the time I talk tv and celebs. Shannon and I have that in common too.
For the past few weeks I've been glued to the tv in the evenings watching the olympics. It is so addicting! Here are a few of my thoughts:
Is it just me or...
was this the last time you watched the olympics too?

are the messy buns so annoying?

does this coach look like a persian cat?

was this the best part of the olympics?

Apparently I only watched the gymnastics.



  1. Omg Kerri Strug probably was the last time I watched. Also, you will love this

  2. I loved the crazy gymnast parents! That was definitely the best part of the Olympics for me, lol.


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  4. Watching those parents in the crowd was hilarious. I was also wondering why they put that glitter in their hair, that was something I'm pretty sure girls did when I was 10. And messy buns make me crazy!!!

  5. Haha...I def. feel like Kerri was the last time I watched.

  6. 1. Yes! Definitely most memorable Olympic moment so far. I hardly remember the Olympics since then!
    2. Um, YES! DO YOUR HAIR! I commented about this to my husband too. This is the Olympics - millions are watching - at least do your hair!
    3. Never thought about that!
    4. Yup. So cute! I can't imagine how nervous they were!! Loved his reaction when Aly was declared 3rd place on floor! She totally deserved it.