September 11, 2012

Tuesday, Toddler, Tantrum, Toilet Training {and other words that start with "T"}'s Tuesday, obviously.  Congratulations on making it through Monday and living to tell about it. Mondays are always the hardest.  Monday for us meant Monday Meltdowns. Like the most epic one to date. I blame The Terrible Twos.
It was a beautiful fall{ish} day.  Just when I had decided it would be fine to just stay home and play in the yard I thought, "Nah!  Let's get out!  That'll be fun!" Mistake #1, we should have just stayed home, or at least stayed in our PJs.
You see, I'm not sure if it's because Kendall is used to wearing less-restricting shorts and tanks or if it was just her mood yesterday but girlfriend downright refused to get dressed. I'm talking snot-flying, foaming at the mouth, kicking one leg out just as I got the other leg in, tantrum.  It was one for the books.  It was so bad that after we finally got her dressed she put herself in time-out.  That bad.
But, being the brave soldier I am, I decided we were still going to get out of the house and enjoy the nice, beautiful, fall-like morning.  I would say Mistake #2 but, really, it was just that.  I loaded my non-makeup wearing, hat dotting self and my slippers for shoes wearing toddler up and off we went.

We stopped at Tim Horton's {coffee for me, obviously, TimBit for the toddler} and honestly it was smooth sailing from there.  She was an angel throughout all of our stops and she even managed to snag a pack of Dora big girl panties.  Which brings me to "T" #4.
Sunday night when I was giving Kendall her bath she said, with certainty, "I poop mommy!  I poop!".  I'm no dummy and she's pooped in the tub more times than I have fingers so I plucked her right out and sat her on her potty.  No dice.  Back in the tub to finish washing and some play time and the next thing I know Kendall is crouched down, about to let it go.  Again, I plucked her out of the tub faster than my box pours wine.  This time, it was the money shot, so to speak.  
I was so proud of her.  I screamed, I hugged, I praised, I clapped, I did a little jig, I gave her stickers, and I'm pretty sure Kendall was thinking, ""  Her response to the situation?  "It look {like} a monkey!"...umm...
  So yeah.  The adventures in potty-training shall continue at a later date though.  We came home with the Dora panties, I was certain that would be the potty-training ticket but, she put them on on proudly sported them for a whole 30 minutes before soiling them.  You know how they say, "oh they won't pee in their pants because they don't like the wet feeling!"?  Well they are liars.  Kendall did not care one iota that she was wearing pee-pee panties, not one.  Truth be told, had I not seen it coming Sunday night she would have never gone in the potty the first time.
She's not ready.  It's ok.  I have never been the one to push anything with her and potty-training will be no different.  She'll let me know when she's ready. And when that day comes I'll be ready with my book full of stickers, potty-dance, and iPhone ready for an embarrassing photo op.  
In other "T" news, THANK YOU to Jenn at Munchkin Land Designs for my new blog makeover.  Isn't it the cutest?  I mean, really? Isn't it? Jenn was so easy to work with and truly brought my vision to life!  


  1. LOVE the new look Shannon - love the colours and little birds!!

    This T Tuesday post made me giggle - kiddies really do keep us entertained :)

  2. Love your new design!! She did a great job as always!

    That same potty situation happened with G when he was 9 months old. I saw THE face happening in the tub and I plucked him out and held him on the toilet. He was so confused but I refuse to deal with poop in a tub. I am so not ready for actual potty training!

  3. Jenn is the designer I refer everyone to! :) I love it.

    And also--I'm pretty sure I'm the worst mother with zero interest to PT Em. I talk about the potty all the time, ask her if she wants to sit on it, and it's an adamant NOOOOOO...

    Well then.


  4. Your new design looks great.

    I am feeling pressured by my mother to potty train Kendall. She keeps buying her panties. Kendall freaks when I sit her on the potty. I'm going to buy some potty books and m&M and start in a few months. They won't wear diapers to kindegarten, right?

  5. my God i love her! and the design looks awesome!

  6. your blog makeover looks amazing! the colors are so cute! :-)

  7. Blog looks GREAT! And I"m with you on the potty training. I will keep asking him about it but we aren't pushing anything. He's not ready

  8. Love the new look!!!

    And I believe that potty trainig was the WORST. argh


  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look! The colors- everything is AWESOME!!! At least your not beating your head against the wall with potty training. You are so very right- it will happen when she is ready. I wish you two the best of luck- it will happen soon enough. Also the shirt you had on in the car ride pic- is that Old Navy? Do you like it?

  10. So. I decided after labor day I was going to hit PTing so hard and hopefully get her somewhat trained before she starts nursery scho at the end of the month. I bought the undies. We talked about the POtty. I put her undies on her. She went through TWENTY ONE EFFING PAIRS IN ONE FRIGGING DAY. hells no. I quit. They'll get there when they get there.

  11. Okay, so this might sound mean (I still tell my mom it was traumatizing for me, it wasn't) but if I wanted to wear. "big girl panties" I couldn't go tinkle in my pants of the characters (carebears for me) would cry. I was so afraid to make the carebears would cry from my pee, I was instantaneously potty trained. Maybe dora crying threats will help you too!

  12. you are way better then me! I would not have great patience at all. I think I will be the one going off the deep end! This mamma will not be able to handle poop in the tub! I might cry if that happened then loose it & tell the mr to come deal with it hehe!

  13. Thanks for linking up to my party! I hope to see you again!