October 14, 2012

31 Days: Days 13 & 14

This weekend has been our first full weekend together since our vacation, 2 months ago. It has been nothing short of amazing, truly. I forgot what it's like to have a husband home all weekend.  It's nice.  Those of you that always have a husband home at least two full days a week should be thankful.

I have taken for granted how much we need Jimmy around. I've just gotten so used to him working 6 days a week and me pretty much running the show around here that it's been kind of an adjustment to have him around more.  A good, welcome adjustment.

Jimmy is being moved to a different schedule at work leaving our time together a little bit different but in the end we'll have more time together and that's going to be so nice.  It's nice to have my partner around to help pick up the parenting slack when I just can't say "no, please" one more time, to talk to in the morning about the crazy dream I had the  night before and to attend the birthday parties with on the weekends.

We've been talking about getting Kendall a goldfish for weeks now but sadly haven't been able to squeeze it in.  I had contemplated taking her a few days throughout the weeks, alone, but I didn't want Jimmy to miss out on that experience.  I'm so glad I waited for him.  She was so excited to pick out "Nemo" {of course, she named him Nemo, toddlers aren't very creative} and his "home" and I am so happy that Jimmy got to see that too.  It was nice to share that experience because I feel like he already misses out on so much that we do through the week.  I know that he appreciated me waiting for him and when we left Kendall said, "thank you, Daddy" and that was it.  Hearts were melted.

Waiting for him to share that experience was the best decision, for all of us.  I already share so much with her, from story time to our create and play group and all the little things in between, and Jimmy misses out on so many of them.  It made me realize how selfish I can be at times.  I rarely think, "wow I wonder if Jimmy is bummed out because he isn't here" or "I bet Jimmy would like this, maybe we should wait".  Normally through the week I am so anxious to get out of the house and do something to entertain The Toddler outside the walls of our home that I don't think much past get in the car and GO.

This moment was an eye-opener for sure.  It is going to make me think before I just react and take Kendall to her first x,y,z and maybe wait for her daddy to enjoy it, whatever it is, with us.  I'm hoping this new schedule is going to allow for a lot more weekends like this.  It's been really, really nice.


  1. I agree with you, people that have their husbands home on a "normal" schedule should be so thankful. Jon has worked EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND, night shift (typically 2-11pm) since before we were married. I can't say I mind it since it's practically our life right now and I really don't know any different. But I'm anxiously awaiting the day his schedule changes and we DO have our daddy home on Saturday and Sunday. SO glad you had a good weekend with Jimmy home :)

  2. For years Declan worked most Saturdays and it was awful, and he didn't have another day in the week off to comp for it. And some Sundays for us sometimes feel more like work because of all we do for church and have night meetings too sometimes, etc.---but when his schedule changed, and then when in June he got a job that never, ever, ever requires him to work weekends? I was/am beyond grateful for that. It has make weekends so much more family oriented and I love it.

  3. I know exactly how you feel!! Erin works so much he misses out on time with Mackenzie. Lately I've been hanging out in our room crafting or whatever I want on Sundays and he is in charge of Mackenzie. He loves it and asks for it. I was bothered at first because I am not used to not being yhe one to do everything for her. I also make sure to record as much as I can and send it to him at work so he doesn't 'miss' everything.
    Glad he was there for her first pet! Can't wait until Mackenzie gets hers. We joked about gettin one this weekend because PerSmart had a free adoption this weekend.

  4. My husband doesn't work every weekend but he travels a lot for work (mostly during the week but sometimes on weekends too). And with having our oldest daughter start kindergarten this year, the weekends mean so much more to us than they ever have!

  5. It is easy to take for granted that my hubby is around every weekend. I need to be more thankful of that! When he does have to work through a project and goes into the office on the weekend, it can take a toll on me and Rhys. I can't imagine you having to deal with that all the time! So glad Jimmy got to join in the fun of picking out KP's first little pet. So so cute!!

  6. I am loving the 31 days posts!

  7. I hate Saturdays for the fact that they are just another work day around here. It's mid-Oct and we haven't been apple picking, pumpkin patching or anything else. We get ONE day with him. ONE and like 3 hours at night. that's IT. It is so, so hard on me some days and others I'm ok and just deal with it. I had thought about taking the boys apple picking during the week and decided that since we haven't been apple picking together, I would just wait and if we don't go this year maybe next...all in all, I understand and it really sucks. it's hard on me and hard on the kids. I'm sure it's hard on him too.